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Yahweh's Retribution

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Joel 3 – Yahweh’s Retribution

Live with hopeful expectation that the Lord has appointed a day to vindicate His name and people.

I. The LORD summons the Earth to face judgment. (v. 1-3)

Verse 1: The time – As His people are settled, the LORD turns His attention to the nations.

At the time the LORD’s promises of Joel 2:18-32 blessing and mercy are fulfilled for His repentant people.

Verse 2a: The subjects – All of the nations (Is 24:2-3, Mt 25:31-32)

Noone will be absent on that day. All will find their place among his blessed people or facing the wrath they deserve.

Verse 2b: The place – The valley where Yahweh judges

The nations are gathered in Yahweh’s court, and He holds the gavel.

Verses 2c-3: The indictment – The nations have valued wickedness over the Lord’s possession.

II. The LORD gives His sentencing against all the nations. (v. 4-8)

Verse 4: The LORD speaks directly to the accused and presents Himself as the offended party. (Mt 25:31-46)

Verses 5-8: Their judgment will be in accordance with their guilt. As they have done, so it will be done to them. (Hosea 8:7)

III. The imposition of the LORD’s verdict (v. 9-16)

Verses 9-11a: The nations will hear the LORD’s summons to the valley and will come – Not to submit but in a rebel’s war.

Verses 11b-13: As the nations come up, the Lord’s mighty ones will come down.

The futile nations are met with an army from on High with Jesus Christ at the helm. (Rev 19:15-16)

The Lord finds no formidable opposition, only the harvesting of justice. (Is 63:1-6)

Verse 15: Final and absolute judgment is seen on the day of decision as even the celestial bodies are turning out the lights.

Verse 16: God’s own people are sheltered. (Is 31:4-5, 35:8-10)

IV. The final outcome (v. 17-19)

Verse 17a: Above and before all else, Yahweh’s name will be vindicated.

Verses 17b-21: Yahweh will forever remain with his people, and His presence will be the difference between life and death. (Rev 21:3-4)

Verses 17b-18, 20-21: Within the borders of His covenant presence is holiness and life.

Verse 19: Outside is only destruction and bareness.

God has granted us life through His Spirit dwelling within us. But there still remains a yet more glorious day when the pilgrims will be welcomed home. The day of the LORD’s decision is coming, it will be terrifying day of destruction like as when one awakes from a dream to a find a nightmare for those who reject the LORD and His King. But those who expectantly await the sure salvation of the Lord will find abiding strength and shelter beneath the shadow of His wings.

This day is most longed for when the fear of the Lord is our treasure, our hearts are set on seeing the King in his beauty, and our desires are consumed with zeal for the Glory of the Lord. May it be so with us! Behold this is our God. We have waited for Him, and He will save us. This is the Lord; We have waited for Him. We will be glad and rejoice in His Salvation! Isaiah 25:9

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