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"Peace in the midst of Life's Pieces"

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Jn. 14:25-31


                             "Peace in the Midst of Life's Pieces"


"preach to people with broken hearts and you will not lack for a congregation" -Spurgeon

            There are two groups of us-those in a crisis/those about to be in crisis.

            ill. on a lot of telephones in our homes there are some decals with some very important numbers on them...

When I was a kid there were a lot of numbers on a sticker on my parent’s phone--police, sheriff, fire, ambulance (funeral home), no EMS yet, - eventually it was 911--stickers are so that you have the necessary information in time of crisis. There is a frenzy, and a lot of unnecessary panic because you weren't prepared for what to do in time of crisis.

Jesus is in the process of giving the necessary info. for the time of crisis.  When the storm comes, it is too late to develop the necessary strength of character and spiritual weaponry to stand in the storm.

            Peace in the midst of life's pieces/calm in the crises of life.

The one person that they'd wrapped their lives around was going to be leaving them--going to die...the machinery of the world system was already in motion...yet Jesus doesn't allow His disciples the pleasure of having a "pity party" (just vs 11)--rather, Jesus emphasizes the elements of their faith.


I.  Proclamation  14:25

            formula introducing a new thought (often repeated- 6 times)

not plain ole vanilla tense of verb- perfect tense (completed action with continuing results; one of which will be emphasized in the context)

ill. Jesus and Satan--4 times "It is written!”

            "These things I have spoken!"- the declaration is complete and the results are emphasized.

15:11  that My joy may be in you and that your joy may be full

16:1   that you may be kept from stumbling

16:4   that when their hour comes, you may remember that I told you of them.

16:25  (read) in figures, not later

16:33  that in Me you may have peace                    

(joy, kept form stumbling, remember, understand, have peace... then he ends where He began   (14:1) Let not... 16:33

            In the tenth century, Mohammed referred to the Jews and the Christians disdainfully as “the people of the book”.  That is a great compliment.   

We must have a high view of the Scriptures as a people of God at O.B.C. (Key Values)

 High View of Scripture

            Written over 1,600 years from various walks of life- law-givers, kings, artisans, farmers, fishermen and scholars. Written in different countries, different social and political conditions, yet consistent and correct in all that it claims.

            "High view" means that in practice the Scriptures are recognized as the absolute and authoritative Word of God.  Accurate in all that it affirms.  It will not mislead.

The Bible is the Source in all that we do.


            It shapes our philosophies.  We want everything that we do to reflect accurately the Scriptures.  The leadership of this church has a derived authority.  We are to be followed as long as we are consistent with the Scriptures.

Psalmist David "Forever, O Lord, thy word is settled in heaven."


            It shapes our conscience. It is our guide and compass.  It trains us as to how we are to think and respond.

It is a supernatural Book.  God meets His people in His Word.

            In virtually every activity you are involved in you will find the Scripture integrated in.  In some settings it will be boldly proclaimed. In others it will be very subtly applied so as not to violate the sensitivities of a seeker who may not yet be convinced of the supernatural nature of this Book.


II. Person of the Holy Spirit 14:26 

            One of the great aspects of Christ's teaching as to how to cope in time of crisis was the person of the Holy spirit.

Paraclytos--consider, to help, to strengthen

Two parts of His ministry

1.  teach you everything you need to know

            You have a personal tutor.         Not mere book learning; He will teach you vital spiritual truths, dynamic relational things.  If you let Him, He will shape you from the inside out.  He will serve you as a Personal Helper, Strengthener.

            You will learn: -grace is sufficient...-There hath no temptation...

-know God through the Holy Spirit (God is Spirit)

2.  bring to remembrance all that Jesus said that you can know joy, kept form stumbling, remember, understand, have peace... The Holy Spirit's ministry was and is to magnify Jesus Christ.

(trans.)  Not only does Jesus speak of His proclaimed truth, the person of the Holy Spirit, but also...


III  Peace (14:27)

pivotal verse--Jesus claims to give peace

"Peace I leave with you"-could be traditional, parting words, but

"My peace I give to you" makes it more powerful...

Jesus imparts something into the lives of His disciples

ill.: undoubtedly they would object--"if this is peace don't give me any tribulation!!"

one of us will deny you - one of us will betray you

you're leaving; we feel like an orphan!

Never felt so depressed, low, fighting mad!!!!

machinery to crush You is in motion

--"I give you my peace"-- don't let the impact of that pass you by.

How is it that Christ can say "I give you my peace?"

to answer that Jesus gives us a clue--"not as the world gives"

the manner in which the world gives differs from how Christ gives.

(shame) more familiar with how the world gives than how He gives.

1. world gives because it has or hopes to receive as much back

Lk. 6:33,34 do good-do good to you/lend-receive back


2. world gives to friends, not enemies (Matt. 5:43) love friends, hate enemies--love enemies.

3. world gives what costs it nothing and what it cannot keep

ill. tax write-offs are another way of getting

4. world gives under pretense(Jer.6:14) (Peace,Peace!!--war cry of the anti-Christ)

not so with Christ.

5.  the world's gifts are so designed to give the greatest pleasure first. (Jn 2:10)  wedding- the best wine comes first.

ill. life, as the world offers it, fizzles out

**Christ's gifts and His peace grow in power and fulness of blessing.

            ill. Faith for an example: We think that we need truckloads of faith "If you have abiding faith like a little mustard seed, you can move mountains."

Jesus often called attention to the mustard plant which grew along the Kidron Valley near Jerusalem, because it so clearly illustrated life in relationship to Him. 

Mustard seed was no larger than the head of a pin yet it would grow into a small "tree" which provided shelter for birds and animals.

Mustard seeds were very tenacious.  If they happened to fall on a slab of granite, with a little moisture, they would begin to grow.  If it remains in that spot it would force its roots down into the very rock itself, eventually even split boulders of solid stone.

--a picture of faith that can move unmoveable objects and overcome the world.

--so it is with peace;  it begins in a small capacity, we taste the peace of God. -given in increasing magnitude--does not fizzle out/taper off, becomes richer, deeper to those who walk with Him in crisis (peace grows even beyond understanding-Phil. 4)


IV  Powerful Affection (14:28)

            mildly rebukes His disciples- they were thinking only of themselves and it was causing negative emotions.

What is the best way to understand His statement?

psychologist Ellis...ABC theory of emotions

A-actual event

B-beliefs about that event=perception

C-consequent emotional response

            plug this event into this formula:

A-Christ leaving disciples

B- not earthly kingdom, death, end , uncertainty, etc.

C- troubled heart, fearful, timid (vs.27)

A-Christ's leaving

B- love for the Father (middle of 28)

C- rejoicing (different set of emotions)

If the disciples had made better progress in their love for the Master, their hearts would not have been so overwhelmed with fear...for "perfect love casts out fear."

interesting word, "fear", only used here and in II Tim. 1:7


ill. If there were a word used to describe a large % of Christendom, it would be this word--means "timidity, despondency"

Theophrastus- " a shrinking of the soul through fear"

ill.not witness, example in homes, churches, communities.

ill.: Adam's first words after the Fall "I was afraid!"

(opposites expressed in II Tim. 1:7  "for God has not given us a spirit of timidity but of power, love, sound judgment.

to cope in crisis...trans.(proclaimed truth, person of Holy Spirit, peace (God's), powerful affection

            ill. Andrew MacLaren "Expulsive Power of a New Affection"

V.  Prophetic fulfillment (read 14:29)

            Christ doesn't give them sleeping pills to help them cope; He gives that which will bolster their faith.

ill. used Army's method of instruction:

He told them what He was going to do,  

He told them what He was doing,

and He told them what He had done.

(short range prophecy)  betrayer, deny me 3 times, you will scatter, I'll meet you here.

--Gospel writings witness that He was absolutely, unquestionably in control/sovereign.


VI Perfect Obedience (read 14:30,31)

Machinery of the world system getting ready to crush the sinless Saviour.

            Jesus, facing the ultimate crisis of His earthly life; elevates to a place of supreme importance the duty of absolute obedience-even if it is painful-trust and obey!!

vs. 31 Jesus' life illustrates Phil 1:27,28 in nothing ? by your adv.-sign of salvation.

            Obedience...It is that for which we will give account--It is the only thing over which we are in control.

            spreading discord among brothers... you did not obey

            offended (Matt. 18) easier to find a sympathetic friend who will share some sympathetic gossip... you did not obey


Crises come to everyone--

H.S.-loss of girlfriend, cut from team, failed in your grades.

Adult-loss of loved one, job taken away (maybe deservedly), fire, sickness

Christ gives the necessary principles as equipment to prepare us and to sharpen our coping skills:

Proclamation of truth -Person of Holy Spirit –Peace - Powerful affection - Prophetic fulfillment -Perfect obedience

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