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The Book of Revelation Series- Sermon 2 Revelation, A Spiritual Book

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THE BOOK OF REVELATION STUDY-SERMON 2 REVELATION, A SPRITUAL BOOK- REV. 1:9-18 I. THE OCCASION OF THE BOOK- REV. 1:9-18 * Revelation was born out of John's spiritual experience while on the Isle of Patmos • A. What did John hear? Rev. 1:9-11- He heard a trumpet -like voice behind him. It was Jesus speaking. The Lord commissioned John to write this book and send it to the 7 churches in Asia. • B. What did John see? Rev. 1:12-16- He saw a vision of the glorified Christ. The seven golden candlesticks represent the seven that would receive the book. Six hundred years earlier Zechariah had a similar experience (Zech. 4:1-2). The Jewish tabernacle and temple were scale models of the true heavenly sanctuary. (Hebrews 8:5, 9:23) Candlesticks and lampstands in scripture are the same. Each local church is the bearer of God's light in this dark world. Compare to Daniel 7:9-14. • Rev. 1:13- This man "like unto the Son of Man" is Jesus Himself. The title "Son of Man" occurs many times in the New Testament in reference to Jesus as the Messiah. John recognized Jesus because he lived with him for 3 years and had seen him both as the Galilean preacher and as the glorified Son of God at the transfiguration (Matt. 17:1-8). His white hair indicates His wisdom, divine nature and eternal nature, "The Ancient of Days"(Dan. 7:9) • Rev. 1:14- His bright eyes symbolize judgement of all evil ( they see all); the golden band across His chest (girdle) reveals him as the High Priest who goes into God's presence to obtain forgiveness of sin for those who have believed in Him. This spiritual book will challenge our mental picture of Jesus. What forms your impression of Him right now? A painting? A movie? • Rev. 1:15- his feet like unto fine brass here represents judgement since the brazen altar was used to consume the sin offering. The Lord had come to judge the churches, and he would also judge the evil world system. The same feet that spikes were driven into will one day trample His enemies. And, as to his voice being as the sound of many waters goes hand in hand with Daniel 10:6. Clear and strong like the trumpet, broad and deep like the sea so His voice seemed to John. This same voice will one day raise the dead at the Rapture of The Church! • Rev. 1:16- And he had in his right hand seven stars-the 7 stars here are messengers thought to be angels but believed to be pastors of the of the 7 churches because in chapters 2 & 3 we see reprimands to the churches with pastors who will be held accountable to God for the churches they have represented. • The sharp two edged sword here is the Living Word of God (Heb. 4:12, Eph. 6:17). He fights His enemies by using His Word (Rev. 2:16, 19:19-21). What is the purpose of the sword? Bloodletting, puncture wounds, killing. The "sword of the Spirit," which is the Word of God (Eph. 6:17), performs circumcision on new believers, cutting away the "body of the sins of the flesh" (Col. 2:11-12). The sword of Christ has two edges for deep penetration and quick death (Heb. 4:12. Rev. 19:21). His shining countenance reminds us of His transfiguration (Matt. 17:2) and also the prophecy of Malachi 4:2 ("the Sun of righteousness shall arise"). • C. What did John do? (Rev. 1:17-18)- He fell at the Lord's feet as a dead man! A vision of the exalted Christ can only produce awe & fear. We need this attitude today! • The Lord reassured Jon by touching him and speaking to him (note Dan. 8:18, 9:21, 10:10). Fear not! Is a great encouragement for any child of God. We don't need to fear life because He is "The Living One." We don't need to fear death, because He died and is alive, having conquered death. And we have no need to fear eternity because Jesus holds the keys to death and hell. The One with the keys has the Authority! What the Church needs today is new awareness of Christ and His Glory. We need to see Him high and lifted up (Isa. 6:1). There is a dangerous absence of awe & worship in our assemblies today. • Today we are boasting about standing on our own feet, instead of breaking and falling at His feet! • For years Evan Roberts prayed, "Bend me! Bend me!" and when God answered the Great Welsh Revival resulted • CHURCH LET US COME TOGETHER AND PRAY FOR REVIVAL ONE MORE TIME AND LOVE THE LORD WITH ALL OUR HEART, WITH ALL OUR SOUL AND ALL OUR MIGHT!
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