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Ephesians 5:3-14

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Welcome of Oak, Grove. My name is Craig kulish. I am one of the elders here and with pastor, Matt being gone. I have been given the challenge to pick up where he left off. and,

To deliver the word of God in Ephesians 5. I'm going to change this Podium real quick.

So, we asked the Lord to be with us. It's a I've been given the challenge. To give. A very challenging message. In Ephesians 5. And I pray, the Lord is with us. I pray, he gives me Grace and I pray, he gives us Grace. As followers of Christ, we may hear his word and respond. That he would speak to our hearts. He would incur, just walk closer to him.

I would say let us pray, but that is my prayer. Be with us. Oh, Lord, in Jesus name. Amen. Okay, so Pastor Matt left off in blow. That's what make it. Little more difficult.

Might be a little more appealing though. If you can't see me.

Pastor Matt left off in Ephesians 5. If you have a tablet or phone, you're going to be able to read it much easier.

Let there be light. and there was And he said it was good. Last week in Ephesians 5 verses 1 and 2. We're looking at as Matt finished and spoke of be imitators of Christ. Walk In Love. And that Christ's love and sacrifice for the church was well, pleasing to God, a sweet aroma.

God was pleased with what Jesus did today. We are going to be looking at verses 3 and 4. Brian. McClain. I'm going to end in verse 14. Yes, because

15 is a new sentence and I'll let him take the entire sentence.

Before we go into this text. I want to review with you just a little bit about Ephesus and the church that was in Ephesus. So a brief recap emphasis was one of the largest cities in the Roman Empire. I had read that it could have been made of the third largest city. Very populous extreme number of people up two, maybe three hundred thousand. I have had read and study.

For that time probably quite quite large.

It was a major port city. It was on a coast. And I always should have a map, but I don't and it also had great trade routes that we're going out of it. So economically. There was a lot of transactions that took place there. People coming, people going product coming in product going out. I don't believe probably employment was was a problem.

Ephesus was a very may, I call it a progressive City? I think of America today, and you think of some of these cities that are, you know, just the capital of

Popularity and advertising and business. We're all the movers and shakers are. And if you're young and upcoming, you want to be there and it's kind of weird. Because I have two children that are in one of these types of cities. We might think of Los Angeles where my son Micah is. We might think of New York or I have come to understand that Atlanta in in, our nation is one of these cities that is You know, for all of the up-and-coming new people, I mean, it's hip and cool and the place to be and my daughter Victoria is there. And I'm giving you this history for a purpose in Ephesus. There was a huge Amphitheater. Because they didn't have electricity. They didn't have movie theaters. And, and the phone center down in Cedar Rapids. They had amphitheaters. I mean, and this Amphitheatre, I dread held as little as 25,000 and as much as 50,000. So we think of football games, that just occurred yesterday. And let's not think a lot about it but because again, The Hawkeyes in the Cyclones is going to be displayed to us in this church. A very similar real. Difference between up the feeder, 25 to 50 thousand. People. Also there was a temple to a god, Diana or Artemis Artemis Artemis.

Greek civilization, which room came in and took over the Incorporated, a lot of these.

Religious, if you would call it. Customs and and events Center's. This this Temple was huge. I had heard that it was one of the seventh-largest wonders of the ancient world. I mean, a huge Temple to Diana because it was in the Port City because it was trade coming in and out, because Ephesus was this hip City. They sold statues and Minnie coliseum's. They sold coins. They sold trinkets. We can see an event that happened there with Paul. Not in this passage. That caused him trouble because of the impact he was having on there.

False. God industry. It was a tourist attraction of places. You wanted to go there, you wanted to see this city. It was. a very huge City now be

The difference is that we had in that City or the challenges to the Christians, that live there. Was that we had a huge Jewish population, you know, when Rome 2 came to, I talked a little bit about this in our Sunday school with the kids, when Roland come into a land, and they would take over, they would move people out and they would bring their own people back in. They would try to destroy the culture of that area and bring Roman or Greek culture in tow in the city of Ephesus. Many Jews were taken out of Judea are Jerusalem area and brought up there.

Similar to a city called Tarsus that we study dinner. High School. Middle School. Sunday school class, today. Huge group of Jewish people brought up to Ephesus. They were taught and instructed in the Greek and Roman ways. They were surrounded by the Greek and Roman culture. Yet. They held at their core there. A Jewish belief system, the law and the prophets Abraham, Isaac and Moses.

Jacob. Joseph, and And it should be held that belief. Also, in this city. What many of those Jews Israelite people became saved? We had a Christian Church. People of followers of Jesus in Ephesus that had Jewish history. And we had a great number of people in that church who had Greek history. and, Like the Hawkeyes in the Cyclones sitting in this room today. There was conflict much of what we read in the book of Ephesus, is about interacting with one another, how to love the brethren. A different history, a different background, a different education style. And yet now we are in the body of Christ, The Challenge to them was. How do we love? How do we become one body? Another challenge to the episodes church was the culture that they were in. And I would say, even more than the football analogy. This is big and our world. because as followers of Christ and Christians, we are in a culture that is completely

Opposed to what we believe. Did the truth of scriptures, what we should stand upon and live according to? And in our culture is saying you do what feels right? And you do what meets your need and you do. What benefits you?

And that that is contrary to much if not all of what the New Testament tells us. Do we see the same challenges that many of the Christians in Ephesus did? How do I live in a pagan City in a culture opposed to God? And yet, how do I behave as a Christian?

Easton. I better go back to my notes.

Inside joke. Sometimes i v r. Of the city of Ephesus Paul visited their two different times. We read of in the Bible once it was just for a short. Of time, once he had stayed there, up to two or three years, in the city of Ephesus, Tennessee. Actually was sent there to be a pastor. We know of Timothy, we hear Paul sake, don't let anyone despise you for your Youth and such. That's where he went. Challenges in the church. We went through that. Let us go to the text if we met because this is where the rubber meets the road and it becomes challenging versus will start in verse 3.

Ephesians 5:3, and I'm reading from the English Standard Version today. Paul says, to the church in Ephesus.

But sexual immorality and all impurity. Or covetousness must not even be named among you as his proper among the saints. Let there be no filthiness nor foolish talk, your crude joking which are out of place. But instead let there be Thanksgiving.

Paul jumps right into this headlong. And he tells the followers of Christ in Ephesus.

This is how. A Christian lives.

This is directions to us. Christians living in a culture that is opposed to God.

You know, what's going on in our world concerning?

The opinion of.

Sexual interaction between men and women. And not only men and women and not only pseudo, men and pseudo women. I mean, it's just, we are in a piggin culture. but Paul says, let not sexual immorality. Or fornication. Or impurity. Even be named among you.

The Greek or Gentile. Christians. May have had a history. Different than the Israel Christians Israelite Christians, the Jewish people.

What Paul says? It isn't what your history or your culture presents, or tells you what is acceptable. I am telling you what is acceptable to God. Remember verse 2? A sweet-smelling aroma. That God was pleased with what Jesus did.

You and I can be a sweet-smelling aroma.

To cry to God as well. But he says to do so let these things not even be named above you among you.

Paul is address. And now, this is something here to Paul is not addressing the world. He is not addressing the unsaved in Ephesus. He is addressing. the church is addressing you and I

and because of our modern-day, we have

Some may have active participation in immorality.

How many have in active participation? In immorality. In the church.

This is a challenge. Devices and screens.

You don't participate but you View Inn in such we in actively participate in these actions and Paul. Is calling us out as Christians and saying let it not be named among you.

In person or in proxy.

Put it, put it far from you. I want to read a quote if I make 2nd Corinthians 6:17. Paul speaking to the church in Corinth. They also had a temple and it was maybe even more extreme in. Sexual immorality than this Temple. He says to his Christians there, come out from among them and be separate. No, excuse. Yeah. Yeah. He says that to the Christian come out from among the culture come out from what you've been brought up in come out. From, what is socially acceptable? And be separate unto me, be different. 1st. Peter 1:16 says, Be holy for, I am. Holy.

This is a challenge for each of us. If not actively passively.

I want to look at it. Another verse he says here for, I mean another word that he brings up, not just sexual immorality in fornication, not impurity, but they throw in here as well. Covetousness.

Why is covetousness? Thrown in with this. And as we continue to read, we will find that he calls covetousness idolatry.

He says, do not be covetrus for it is idolatry. Let's look at the text and will bring that portion in cuz we only read verse 3 and 4.

Verse 5.

For you, may be sure of this that everyone who is sexually immoral immoral or impure or who is Covetous and that is idolatry has no inheritance in the kingdom of God.

Why why does he bring? Covetousness. In, at this point, I want to look at what covetousness is a little bit of attrition. Has he really he refers to it as being idolatry? Or that is an idolater coveting is Desiring. What somebody else has, you know, you and I we think Lord if I just have that boat, if I had that house, if I had that larger vehicle, if I had that newer vehicle, if I had that wife, if I had that item, if I had that position, if I had that kind of respect, if I had that ability. That he or she has the my answers would be I would have my answers. My life would be solved. My life would be easy. My life would be better and when we begin to focus our attention on that other item or trait or ability.

Or position.

That becomes the answer to our problem, and that becomes. The god that gives us peace and security and safety.

And we can see that covetousness is a big thing. He throws it in there with sexual immorality and impurity.

I have been covetrus at times in my life. I look around and I think they've got it made. I look sometimes at the world and I think how easy they have it. But when we take our eyes and up and we place it upon an item or an image or a person or an ability. That becomes our God. We put our peace in our comfort and our safety in our answer. In that. The truth is the security for my future, my peace, when I'm in time of trouble.

When I'm financially hurting. The Lord is my answer. He is the one that comes to my rescue and at times when I stay in that time of trouble. The Lord is with me. And he's got a purpose. Many times, we look for the escape and that becomes our God. Covetousness is huge in the scripture. And in many other places. I want I want to look at something that I didn't. This might be a good point to bring it in. He's talking to the Christians in Ephesus the followers of Christ.

He's not talking to the Sinners, the unsaved sinners.

They don't feel bad about it. Cuz the Lord hasn't. Brought the conviction in the relationship to them at that point for one reason. Or another. I don't know when it will come we are to be alike will see that later. We're to be a witness in this world. But Christians, he's calling us to be imitators of Christ. First one.

Sugar, Shane, I'm talking to you. Scuse me. I'm not talking to you Paul. The Lord God is talking to us. Christian's imitate. Christ Center sin. In Paul says, I'm talking to us.

Let's look at verse 4.

Instead of just encouraging us. He also warns us.

Let there be no filthiness.

Let there be no foolish talk. No crude joke, joking, which is out of place. But instead let there be Thanksgiving.

First five for, you may be sure of this. That everyone was sexually immoral or in Pure or who is Covetous. That is an idolater has no inheritance in the kingdom of God.

Huge strong statement. Let's go back to Filthy vulgar speech. Foolish talk and crude joking.

Because and that was verse 4. But instead let there be Thanksgiving.

As a Christian. I remember in high school. I don't know if his youth leader or a pastor of a church, my mother and father, encouraged me greatly to take yourself out of situations. I passed that on to my children when you are in the locker room and the conversation becomes about The movie. The girl, the guy.

Crude joking. Remove yourself from the conversation.

It is not good for you. To stay in that. Some of us hear this. Some of us may watch this.

It's a challenge to us as Christians.

Challenge to me. X pressures on in my life. And I think, Did I I just swore?

What the world's going on that? I am portraying that image in this circle of people. Or doesn't want me to have crude. Vulgar. Speech.

They are out of place with those who are Christians.

Sometimes we're not actively in the discussion. We're not making the joke.

But how many times are we watching the joke? How many times are we hearing the discussion? Are we seeing something played out? That is crude. That is vulgar.

And we participate. In it. Crisis.

It is not fitting for Christians, the followers of Christ.

But instead let there be Thanksgiving.

I had a scripture written down concerning this as well and Romans 12:2. You you know it soon as I start it you'll be able to finish it and be not conformed to this world. But be transformed by the renewing of your mind. So that you might be able to prove what is good and acceptable and perfect, you know, the phrase garbage in garbage out and people talk about it with young people, and health, eat, good food, and you'll be strong. NN and we talked about it as well, what you view when what you participate with with conversation. Lord says don't be conformed but be transformed.

He's calling us out.

Come out from among them and be separate for it is not fitting for those who are Christians. I want to look at that but be thankful.

Thankfulness in our dialogue with one another. Is there something beneficial is there? Something that has value or worth? Is there something that builds up?

Is there something that we can be thankful for and if there is then participate in that but this other Let it be far from you. There's a huge challenge in our lives. We're living in a culture that is completely contradictory to what Christ has called us to be and yet he's called us. To be different be separate.

You may say, let's look at that verse 5.

You may be sure of this that everyone who is sexually immoral.

Or in Pure or who is it? Who is covetousness covet a covetor has no inheritance in the kingdom of God.


Is many times are at our response in our head?

But God.

6, let no one deceive you with empty words. I'm sorry, but this is true and it's scripture. Let no one deceive you with empty words. For because of these things, the wrath of God comes upon the sons of disobedience.

As we began this passage. Verse 1 be imitators of God.

As beloved children. He makes a distinction here.

Sons of disobedience.

We the whole book of Galatians has been talking about how we have been made new in Christ. We have a new identity. We have a new body that we are part of that. We are part of this group put off the old man and put on the new. And he says here, any challenges are you a child? A beloved child of God, or are you a son of Disobedience? Because that's what they do. Henderson. Christians imitate Christ. Don't let anyone deceive you with vain words.

I want to be a sweet-smelling Aroma unto Christ.

Four chapters of Galatians was being in Christ in the Salvation in the work of what Jesus did to make us new creatures in Christ. Impulse us now. It's time examining yourselves. Where are you? it is serious in first, Johnny speaks of there's a Sunday School going on, in the 1st 2nd 3rd, John, I believe in he speaks of

if you send, And in that book, there is a huge emphasis on those words. If you continue in sin.

Any makes a distinction if we if we could read Greek? An Occurrence in your life, versus a continual event.

I gave you the the instance of pressure being on and being upset and frustrated, and believe it or not, and probably was about the election.

And I was frustrated and I just swore. I remember the guy he rents the back of my shop and I reflected thinking. This is not the image. I want to put forward. There is a difference between An Occurrence, in a Christian's life, and a continual lifestyle of the Christian. And this is where Paul is saying, what is your continual lifestyle? Are you accepting this culture? As part of your life or are you called out and being separate? and he says, if you, if you just continuing in the old man in the old ways and if you're sexually immoral, and if you are involved in vulgar speech, Continually.

Search your heart, cuz are you a child of God? Are you a child of disobedience? We need to, we need to look at it. Let's continue on. Verse 8.

At one time you were Darkness. This is where it comes to. In this what he's taught. This is what the whole book was about. One time. You were Darkness, but now you are a delight in the Lord. Walk as children of the light Center sin Christians, reflect Christ. Verse 9 for the fruit of light is found in all that is good and right and true. No, I gave it to you to see months ago about the being connected to the vine and allowing the Fruit of the Spirit. To flow through us and it shows that were alive. We have the Life of Christ in us because we have the fruit of the spirit. And at that point, we made reference Galatians and it talks about the fruit of the spirit is love, and joy, and peace, and patience, and kindness, and long-suffering in a couple of more. Here, he says the fruit of the light are those things which are good and those things which are right and those things which are true.

In John 8 verse 12. He says, then Jesus said to them, I am the light of the world that follows me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.

The fruit of life is found in all that is good or Godly. Found in all that is right or righteous. Found in all that is true or truthful.

I actually made a note here in my notes that said this might be a good time for an altar call. And I put a smiley face are I'm not going to have an altar call, but you know what?

Sometimes, it's so boring.

Sometimes we look, and we say, God.

Help. Because I'm I'm not all that is good and I am on out all that is righteous. And I am not all that is truthful and it is good for us to sometimes come before the Lord and fall at Arnie's.

May our conversation, May our lifestyle. Be. Good and true.

And righteous. I want to look at verse 10.

Because I have a whole passage here. I can't just stay. They tried to discern what is pleasing unto the Lord. And I look at that verse in there that word there that says and try to discern. Verse 10.

And try to discern what is pleasing to the Lord? Try to distinguish. Try to display. Try to make evident try to show. What is pleasing to the Lord?

Are we the children of light? If so, let us reflect the light.

I love John the Baptist. It's somewhere in here. I'm not sure. Where was John? The Baptist. He said to a group of people. I am not the one, I am not the light. I have come to Bear witness of the light you and I are called to reflect the Life of Christ within us.

Children of God. Imitate Christ was look verse 11. That was on the board just a bit ago. And we're going to go through 13. Take no take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness. But instead expose them, pretty shameful to even speak of the things that they do in secret, but when anything is exposed By the Light, it becomes visible.

We are children of the light as we live reflecting Christ as the fruit. Of the light is in us. We, we, we sing the first song and it had a verse in it about this.

We are not the light. We reflect the light and everything, and everyone who follows the light.

Jesus said, I am the light of the world. Everyone who follows the light becomes a reflector of that light. Do not participate in them yet, exposed, the deal those deeds. Verse 13, when anything is exposed By the Light, it becomes visible for anything that becomes visible is light. Therefore, it says awake.

We'll get into that. I have a little bit more before we go into 14.

This is a hard. Series of scriptures to go through.

Because though we are saved. We are not completely. Delivered from the sin of this world. That is all around us.

A big word could be sanctified.

day by day, we are being converted. More and more to reflect Christ. And whatever stage we might be in.

I pray that we're growing. I pray that passage is like this that call out Christians to live like Christians. When passages like this, begin to convict us and weigh heavy on us as Christians. I pray, we go to the Lord. because when we first got saved, I pray it was because you realized that I'm bankrupt and I am destitute and I have nothing truly of value. I am corrupt. And I need a savior.

We responded to the conviction of God in our life. And today after we read passages like this, and it begins to prick our heart. The things we participate in things, we see things, we passively involve ourselves in.

Conviction of God does not leave us. Their conviction of God brings us to a point of repentance and I love and 1st John 1:9. If we confess our sins back again to the John study that they're doing, if you are a follower of Christ. If you confess your sin, he is faithful and just to forgive us of our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. This is the life of the Christian. We came to him through acknowledging sin.

Seeing him as our savior and repentance and throughout our Christian Life. We visit these times where we must repent of sin. And come to Christ as our savior. verse to because the work of Christ in the love, for the body was very pleasing to God. We come to Christ. And we are converted yet day by day. More and more into His Image, Todd. If you'd like to come up and start, we're going to be transitioning into communion.

First 14.

If the conviction of the Lord is upon us.

There is a passage here. That is quoted from.

I believe it's Isaiah 60. If we can go to verse 14, it says for anything that becomes visible is light there for. It says Awake o sleeper. Arise from the dead in Christ will shine upon you.

If we found conviction through this passage of scripture.

Awake. Christian's come to Christ.

Forgiveness is promised and not only forgiveness, but the cleansing from all unrighteousness.

Awake o, sleeper arise from the dead in Christ will shine on you. Lord, you are the light of the world.

You have called us to be light set on a hill. Visible to all those around. As children of God, to be imitators of God and our times Lord, when it's is so true. Evident and real. That we have not.

Shein. Senior Life allowed your light to be shine to those around.

Phyllis. Oh, Lord God. Deliver Us. For the culture around in the things that we have assumed the things that we've been raised in the things that we have participated in and father. By your grace and your power that we might come out and be separate.

We come to the communion table because this is the power of the Gospel. Christ died.

That we might be saved that. We might be converted. Called out of Darkness into the Kingdom of Light. That the old things might pass away and behold the new life has come.

We remember the work of Christ in the love for the church.

Because that was pleasing to God. And Father, we come to you through the blood and the broken body of your son, Jesus.

Invictus. Drawers to yourself.

May we be your children? I pray this in Jesus name. We've got the communion tables on the two sides and in the back.

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