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Before we get far into the message I just wanted to give credit where credit is due. I came across some of this material in a book that I am reading that is entitled Praying the Bible. I would highly encourage you to pick it up. The truths when in its pages when followed can have a dramatic affect on your prayer life.
Let me ask you a question
you do not have to answer allowed or raise you hands but this will require you to be honest with yourself
Do you feel defeated in your prayer life?
The truth is many christians feel this way!
they have a hard time sitting down and concentrating on prayer
Most christians if asked to pray for 5 minutes would it felt like an eternity
their mind would wonder and they would space out
would that describe your prayer life?
no power, no zeal, no impact
if this is you chances are you have come to the conclusion that there must be something wrong with me
I must be a second-rate Christian.”
I want you to get that thought out of you mind right here and right now
If you are indwelled by the Holy Spirit and generally seeking to live in obedience to God’s Word,
then the problem likely isn’t you, but your method.
now with that being said we must also understand that if you are not filled with the Holy Spirit
in other words if you are not saved then there is not a method alive that can produce a fruitful prayer life
but for those of us who are saved here is the promise taht we have
Romans 8:15 NLT
So you have not received a spirit that makes you fearful slaves. Instead, you received God’s Spirit when he adopted you as his own children. Now we call him, “Abba, Father.”
Galatians 4:6 NLT
And because we are his children, God has sent the Spirit of his Son into our hearts, prompting us to call out, “Abba, Father.”
the moment you and I are saved the Holy Spirit indwells us and we have been given a new spirit one that is pointing us towards the things of the father
In other words, those indwelled by the Holy Spirit really want to pray.
isn't that good news
if you are saved then you should want to pray
even if we feel defeated we would never totally abandon our prayer life
that is why we are so frustrated with our self at times when it comes to our prayer life
we want to be a prayer champion
and because we are not we feel defeated
we are frustrated
our prayers seem mundane and quite honestly boring
but what if i were to tell you that if you are a christian then the problem is not you but rather your method
stick with me here
think about your prayer life
when you sit down to pray does it feel like you are saying the same old thing about the same old thing
one of my professors tells of a story about a little boy who was disrupting prayer service
no wonder our prayer life is not growing
think about it what if you and i were to meet up and we have the same exact conversation day after day after day
it would not take long before you started skipping days and then weeks
you would not treasure or enjoy our time toghther
it be comes boring
and When prayer is boring, we don’t feel like praying.
And when we don’t’ feel like praying, it’s hard to concentrate in prayer and to pray for very long.
you see the problem is not that we pray about the same old things.
To pray about your . . .
Work or schoolwork
Church or ministry
And the “current crisis” is normal.
i mean these things are who you are they are your life
So our problem in prayer is not that we pray about the same old things, but that we say the same old things about the same old things. That’s boring.
can it be fixed
so then what do we do about it
how can we grow in our prayer life
i think the solution is simple
it has to be
otherwise God would not call all of his children to pray
But God has in fact called all of us to pray
despite or age, our IQ, our educational level, etc.
so then if he calls us all to pray t
if he expects us all to pray then we must conclude that prayer has to be doable
2. So what is the solution
when you pray pray through a passage of Scripture, especially a Psalms
In other words Let the words of Scripture become the words of your prayers.
For example, if you pray through Psalm 23, read “The Lord is my shepherd,” and thank Him for being your shepherd. Ask Him to shepherd your family that day, to guide, protect, and provide for them.
Pray that He will make your family members His sheep; that they will look to Him as their shepherd.
Ask Him to shepherd you through the decision you must make about your future.
Pray for Him to bless the under shepherd at your church, shepherding him as he shepherds the church, etc.
When nothing else comes to mind, go to the next line—“I shall not want”—and continue to pray. Simply go through the passage, line-by-line, praying what you find in the text or what it brings to mind.
If nothing comes to mind, or if you don’t understand the verse, go to the next.
You might choose to linger long on one verse.
Nothing says you have to pray over every verse.
Continue in this way until (1) you run out of time, or (2) you run out of Psalm.
One approach to choosing a Psalm to pray through is the “Psalms of the Day” approach.
This divides the 150 Psalms into 5 Psalms for each of 30 days in a month.
Take the day of month as your first Psalm. Then keep adding 30 to that number until you get 5 Psalms.
So on the 15th of the month, your first Psalm is Psalm 15. To Psalm 15, add 30 to get the next one, Psalm 45. These would be followed by Psalm 75, then 105, and 135. (On the 31st, use Psalm 119.)
Take 30 seconds to scan these five Psalms, then choose one to pray through.
One advantage of this method is that gives you direction when it’s time to pray and defeats aimlessness.
The Psalms are the best place in Scripture from which to pray Scripture.
that is what psalms was originally written for
The Psalms were songs inspired by God for the purpose of being reflected in song back to God.
you can use other places in the scripture
theNew Testament letters is a great source to use when praying through scripture
you can use any part of the bible in your prayer and as you become seasoned in this practice you probably will
a show of hands how nay of you can remember what you last prayed about
this method carried an added bonus
is is a great way to memorize scripture
and By praying through a passage of Scripture, you’ll find yourself praying about most of “the same old things,” but in brand new ways.
You’ll also find yourself praying about things you would never think to pray about.
Jesus prayed the Psalms.
we see it on the cross
The early church prayed the Psalms.
Great Christians like George Mueller prayed the Psalms.
Why not you?
are you ready to transform your prayer life?
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