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Our Reflections     Gen. 48:1-22

EBC    1/04/09

  Each year at this time we have an opportunity to reflect on the past. The past is something that can’t be changed- it is a cashed check. But, though it can’t be changed it can help with the future.

  Our reflections on the past can help us to live each day to the fullest which ought to be our goal.  It can also help our vision for the future. Helen Keller was once asked (she lost her sight at 19 months)”is there anything worse than being blind, to that she replied, yes having sight but no vision”.  

  Let take a little while and examine the life of Jacob:

I. Jacob reflected on the past (1-16)

  A. He remembered a spot

    1. Jacob remembered the night when he met God.

      a. Gen. 28:13-15 - he remembered that meeting at Beth-el. He remembered God promises to him.

      b. Do you remember today, the day you first met God? The longer you live the more important that spot becomes.

      c. Think about today the times you realize God protected you from a terrible incident

  B. He remembered his spouse (7)

     a. Jacob probably remembered the day he met her. The love of his life.

     b. He remembered all those happy years they had together.

       1. Think today  about the people God has put in your path. Remember there are no accidents with God. All things are divine appointments. Think of how they may have shaped you into being the person you are today. Have you thanked them for this?

  C. Jacob remembered an Angel (16)

   1. Jacob remembered a time when his life was changed forever (Gen. 32).

    a. He remembers he was never the same again.  Do you remember the day you surrendered all to the Lord.

II. Jacob reflected on God’s Providence

  A. He remembered God’s providence (3)

    1. Jacob remembered a time when God lead him in the right path

    2. Psa. 37:23-

    3. Psa. 40:2-

  B. Jacob remembered God’s provision (15)

    1. He remembers the God who always came thru for him

      a. Remember some ways god has miraculously met your needs

      b. Psa. 37:25- never seen the righteous forsaken

III. Jacob reflected on God’s Promises

  A. He looked at the heritage (21)

    1. God had a plan for Israel. He has a plan for each of our lives.

     a. Heb. 12:1- let us run our race

     b. Our fore fathers left us a legacy what are we leaving to our children. Our forefather left us a legacy of worship, holiness and purity.

  B. He looked at their helper (21b)

    1. The same God that protected Israel is the same God who is protecting us today. Only Heaven will reveal the true protection God has given us

  C. He looked at their hope (21c)

    1. One day God would deliver them from the hands of the enemy.

    2. One day god is coming back for us. Until then we need to keep of serving Him.

      a. 1 Cor. 15:58-

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