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            The Book of Genesis uniquely teaches the origin of the universe – the space/time/mass continuum. It gives the origins of complexity, the solar system, the atmosphere & hydrosphere. Genesis gives the origin of life, of man, and of marriage between a man and woman. It shows us the origins of evil, of all national languages, of government, and of culture (urbanization, metallurgy, music, agriculture, etc.). It shows us how the nations came into being, and it gives the origin of God’s chosen people, the Jews. God created it all. Apart from Genesis there is no explanation for the existence of Israel, sin, or anything else. No other book in the Bible is quoted as freely, for the New Testament alone contains over 200 quotations of this book of beginnings.

            A comparison of Genesis & Revelation reveals that the Paradise lost in Genesis from man’s sin is Paradise gained in the Book of Revelation. In Genesis 1:4 God divided light & darkness, while in Rev. 21:25 there is no night. The division of land and sea in Gen. 1:10 is contrasted by the fact that there is no sea in Rev. 21:1. Genesis’ rule of sun and moon (1:16) is contrasted with Revelation’s “no need of sun and moon” (21:23). Man is in a prepared garden in Gen. 2:8-9, but in Revelation he is in a prepared city (21:2). There is a river flowing out of Eden in Genesis 2:10, but in Rev. 22:1 the river flows from God’s throne. The tree of life in the midst of the garden in Gen. 2:9 is contrasted to the tree of life throughout the city in Rev. 22:2. The individual characteristics of the Genesis world were suited for man in his initial state of innocence on the earth, but the corresponding characteristics in Revelation are designated for his eternal state with his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

            Today we live in a world that is cursed (Gen. 3:17), but for believers in Christ at the end of time there is no curse (Rev. 22:3). The daily sorrow we currently live in (Gen. 3:17) is “no more sorrow” in Rev. 21:4. Thorns and thistles today (Gen. 3:18) contrasts with “no more pain” in Rev. 21:4. Whereas we return to the dust in Gen. 3:19, we never die in Rev. 21:4. The continual evil of Gen. 6:5 contrasts Rev. 21:27 where there is nothing that defiles. Our covering of skins in Gen. 3:21 is a covering of glory in Rev. 19:14. Whereas Satan opposes believers today (Gen. 3:15), he is banished in Rev. 20:10. We are kept from the tree of life in Gen. 3:24, but in Rev. 22:14 we eat from it. Where the Redeemer is promised in Gen. 3:15, the redemption is fully accomplished in Rev. 5:9-10 by Jesus Christ our Lord.

            There is no mistaking the parallels of Genesis and Revelation. These are the two pieces of bread, as it were, and the filling is in the middle – the rest of God’s holy, awesome, and inerrant Word that He has lovingly passed on to us. It is spiritual food for the spiritually alive person in Christ. There is no true understanding of the Bible or God without a true understanding of Genesis. Attempting to understand anything apart from the Bible is an exercise in futility, because there is no wisdom apart from God’s Word; no life apart from knowing Jesus Christ.

If you’d like to know more about Genesis, the people of Harvest Bible Church invite you to join us on Sunday mornings. Adult Bible Fellowship begins at 9:15, and the worship service starts at 10:30. We meet at Ault Elementary. Call our church office at 281-304-1441, or you can consult our website at

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