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20081220.DHall.Strength of God

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4,000 C/W on the local list. Pagan worship synoism synced to paganism.

Michael Johnson and wife in Midland.

Linda Cummings in Eastland

Larry Crooks in Midland

40 C/W

1,000 on the list in Shreveport... lady called wants to attend.

Linda Rand eye surgeory.... still can't see out of this eye.

Dan Williams in rehab

Bonnie Howell died... Bob Walker's sister. Mr. Crisman doing the funeral in Athens, TX.

Notice Matt 20:20-28 look for the needs of others and seek to fulfill those needs.

Soldiers and Sailors hall in Pittsburg, PA

Body builders downstairs

God does not delight in our strength Harry Schneider from the Ukraine.

Psa 147:10-11 Job 38: Job thought he knew it all already.... God is all strength...

Job 40:8... Don't justify yourself or you condemn God... we cannot save ourselves to Eternal Life...

Psa 18: How can we be strong in the right way... Samson was powerful and quick... 300 foxes...

Judges 15:14- Sampson realized God was His strength... all comes from God. A prudent wife is from God. God gave Steve his job at AT&T out of thousands.

Judges 16:1 When Sampson broke his Nazarite vow his strength left him... his hair the symbol of humility and servitude to God! God has all power! A small Work and doing a lot.

Jn 5:30 Jesus never got outside of a 20 mile radius.

Jn 14:10 Jn 15:5

42 (acres in apples at the halls) Look for the fruit... must be connected! Begin to thnk like God!

Get a changed mind and think like God the Father and Jesus Christ.

Matt 4:4 Jesus meat was to do God's Will...How do we claim the power of God. Have to repent!

Fast and get more strength... grow this habit... ask God for help in the area. Have to hunger for God's Word... Psa 27:1 marry someone on the same page as you! Psa 27:14 Wait... and be of good courage and be patient! Don't marry the wrong person. Focus to serving in the meantime!

Psa 37:5-7 few understand... Open doors in our own personal life... like job, deals, etc!! Wait upon the Lord! Be patient and do your part and do not be fretful or anxious. Saul was told to wait... but he didn't

Psa 34:17 Cannot take things into your own hands.

II Cor 12:9 We have lessons to learn! It is not our strength... sometimes we need to be humbled! Depend on God and not on your retirement policies. God has given us power and authority.

Col 1:10-11 focus on good works...all have gifts so be a giver where you can... minds can change. Eyes can open... non-member husband can be influenced for a miracle in his own life. Let's look for the power that comes from God.

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