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20081129.WSmith.3 things I have learned since June 12, 2008

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3 wishes for Dallas congregation... on Pentecost before leaving....

What I have learned since June 12, 2005

Has three patient congregations pre-teen camp running feast co-ord

Loves 4 horse men left leg shuffle left arm not as responsive lower energy

ames apartian crockett rod mcnair meredith luncheon v transparent

no yes men for Mr. Meredith

Yes Sir men! Marriages need this...

Can't fake it that long comment...

3 things I have learned

The reality of Rev 2,3 remnants co-exist T, S, P, and L.

Open door.. don't assume anything... Lord opened a door mentioned 3 times... search this...

30 second promo on CNBC... we are going through the doors that are opened. We must go through it.

RCM has a passion for it... Rev 3:10 sermons inspiring but not scripture.

Rev 3:14 Are you excited about ALL aspects of God's Word.

Hosea 7:8 cake not turned... goo on one side... burnt on the other side. I Cor 12:10 We don't plan on some despicable act 12 months from now. Judges 21:25 Do we think we are better than David. Deut 12:8 Prov 12:15 Prov 21:2 Different views on same thing... don't always get it. Interpreting scripture the way we want to...II Tim 2 II Peter 2 who interpreting the way I think... James 3:1 Can find someone who teaches you what you believe... 144K COG... wolves take advantage of this... have no need of nothing... you have no idea Everybody wants to be their own apostle I Cor 10:12

The importance of the ministry itself.

Eph 4:11 Christ runs the Body... starts with the rejection of a minister. Not a mediary...

Acts 15:1 What side would you have been on? Circumcision NOT requred... evidenced by the Spirit of God. Hooey....

The importance of the Work.... Mark 16:15 Matt 24:14 John 4:3-4 31 Woman by the well to do His Work v35 Can not feed the flock and if not doing the Work..... His food will be our food... Heb 13:8

Part of the greatest single endeavour in human history. All for God's glory... Fox's book... on the apostles... Ezekiel 22:30 God has a wish for a man who would stand in gap...Alamo... hold the wall... keep from a breach... all headed to break down the wall... go to the gap and make a wall... be the wall if no wall there... be the first to die... if necessary. Oliver Windell Homes

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