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The Lord's Supper

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The Lord’s Supper   1 Cor. 11:17- 12/23/08

  The desecration of the Lord’s Supper brought a tongue lashing from Paul.  Their failure in regards to the Lord’s Supper was their failure to understand the seriousness of this ordnance and to observe it in an unselfish way. Believer’s Bible Commentary- This is a solemn reminder to us all that it is possible to go away from meetings of the church and to have been harmed rather than benefited.

V.18- the first cause of rebuke was that there was divisions among them. Paul stated that there were cliques and factions within the church. Paul could believe this because he knew about the spiritual condition of the Corinthian church. They were always bickering and arguing among themselves. They did seek to serve one another as much as they sought to serve themselves. Paul said it would be hard to believe what I’m hearing but I believe it because I know you. Divisions is one of the surest signs of spiritual sickness within the church.

V.19- Paul foresaw these problems as getting worse before they got better. Factions prove that some within the church have failed to seek the mind of God. They which are approved- those that have passed the test. Those who caused the problems would expose those who wanted to live right. Church division shows who the faithful are. Approved- to pass a test. John MacArthur- evil helps manifest good.

V.20-22- In the early days of the church, Christians celebrated the “love feast” along with the Lord’s Supper. The Corinthians had even harmed that by making fun of those that had less than they did. Some even went away from the Lord’s supper drunk. Since the Lord’s Supper followed the “Love fest” some were still drunk when it came time to celebrate the Lord’s Supper.

To  show the contrast between their conduct as the real Lord’s Supper he goes back to it’s original institution. He shows that it wasn’t a meal or a feast but an ordnance of the Lord. He then tells them that what he was telling them he had received this from the Lord. Most conservative scholars agree that 1 Corinthians was written before the gospels so this would back up that Paul didn’t get his infor. from the apostles but from Jesus.

Warren Wiersbe- it is a serious thing to come to the Lord’s Supper with an unprepared heart.

  The Lord’s Supper celebrates the permanent deliverance of the new Covenant. Jesus says as you do this – remember me.

V.24- In remembrance of me- is a summons to keep the purpose and victory of the cross in our focus. To eat the bread is to remember that his body was broken and to drink the cup is to remember the blood that was spilled. Not to only remember but to focus on that . God is saying “Look I died for you, I gave my life for you”. When we partake  of this we are saying yes, I know you did.  

V.26- the Lord’s Supper is a celebration that looks backward as well as forward. He remember his death but also look to his return. The return of Christ is the blessed hope of the Christian.

V.28- we are good at examining others Paul says we ought to be just as good at examining ourselves. To partake we must examine our hearts, recognize our sins and give them to the Lord. We must not become “religious detectives” that know all sins of others and none of ourselves.   

V.29-30- Many were partaking of the supper in an unworthy manner. Because of this they were bringing judgment on themselves. To come to the table with unconfessed sin in our lives is to be guilty of the blod and body of Christ. This is what nailed him to the cross.


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