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We as a church have been on a continuous learning experience. God has used every opportunity to bring us closer to Him. We have heard God give us revelation on prayer, depression, hunger, sanctification, anointing, justice, and just recently holiness. We are on the verge of something so powerful I don’t want to take a chance in missing a church service or fellowship.

            I believe that there is a revelation that God gave me a couple of years ago that is appropriate right now. I was in Denmark, missing my family and friends I began to feel lonely and depressed and it caused me to give into sinful desire of my flesh. After confessing first to my wife then to my Pastors, I embarked on a journey to understand this thing called the sinful nature.

            There are two problems that the believer faces.

1.      How can I achieve victory over the old nature (the flesh, the body of sin)?

2.      How can I live so as to please God?

Our new Position in Christ

Know - (Rom 6:1-10)

·         Paul uses the word “know” very often in this scripture. V 3, 6, 9, 16

o   The enemy wants to make sure we are kept in the dark (w/out knowledge)

§  v3 - Do you not know we have been baptized (50)

§  v6 - We know that our old self was crucified (1097)

§  v9 - We know that Christ, being raised from the dead (1492)

§  v16 - Do you not know that if you present your selves to anyone (1492)

·         v2 we become dead to sin

·         v6 the old nature has been crucified

·         v7 we are freed from sin

Reckon (Believe) Rom 6:11

·         It’s not enough to know our new position in Christ; we must, by faith, reckon it to be true in our own individual lives.

·         3049 λογίζομαι [logizomai /log·id·zom·ahee/] v. 1 to reckon, count, compute, calculate, count over. 1a to take into account, to make an account of. 1a1 metaph. to pass to one’s account, to impute. 1a2 a thing is reckoned as or to be something, i.e. as availing for or equivalent to something, as having the like force and weight. 1b to number among, reckon with. 1c to reckon or account. 2 to reckon inward, count up or weigh the reasons, to deliberate. 3 by reckoning up all the reasons, to gather or infer. 3a to consider, take into account, weigh, meditate on. 3b to suppose, deem, judge. 3c to determine, purpose, decide. Additional Information: This word deals with reality. If I “logizomai” or reckon that my bank book has $25 in it, it has $25 in it. Otherwise I am deceiving myself. This word refers to facts not suppositions.[1]

·         Reckoning is faith in action, resting on the Word of God in spite of feelings or circumstances.

·         God doesn’t tell us to crucify ourselves, but rather to believe that we have been “crucified with” Christ and that “sinful nature” / “old man” has been put to death.

o   As with the thieves (Matt 27:44, Mk 15:32, Jhn 19:32)  Gal 2:20

·         Crucifixion is a death you cannot inflict on yourself; you must be crucified by another.

·         Reckoning is that step of faith that believes the Word of God and acts upon it.

Yield (Surrender) Rom 6:12-23

·         v12-14 - We have to “not let!” sin reign in our bodies

·         offer (surrender) our bodies as instruments of righteousness (condition acceptable to God)

·         v16 - We are slaves to the one whom we chose to obey.  If it’s sin then we reap death, or slave to obedience then righteousness.

·         v19 - Offering ourselves weaknesses and limitations in “slavery to righteousness” leads us to holiness

·         v 22 - ultimately when we reap holiness it results in eternal life


·         Gal 5:24 gives us insight on what is the glue that will enable us to do these things on a daily basis. The Holy Spirit. Jhn 14:15, 25

·         To have victory we must see them in this order we can’t yield/surrender if we don’t reckon and we can’t reckon unless we know.



v v: verb

[1]Strong, James: The Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible : Showing Every Word of the Text of the Common English Version of the Canonical Books, and Every Occurrence of Each Word in Regular Order. electronic ed. Ontario : Woodside Bible Fellowship., 1996, S. G3049

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