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House boat

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I suppose that all of us can look back on things that happened to us in our lives and see how foolish we were. I sure can. I remember the early 80's. Kathy and I were newly married without a lot of income, but we were absolutely determined to own a home. Let me rephrase: She wasn’t that thrilled. It was me who wanted to be a home owner.

There was only one problem. I didn’t have a penny saved, houses in Nashville, Tn were expensive, and interest rates were running about 12-13%. But then came the deal of a life time. Now I know that’s what it was because my real estate agent told me that. Ok, he didn’t say that, exactly, but I was so anxious to buy that I read that into everything he told me. And to make matters even worse, I used the guy selling me the house as my primary source of wisdom. That’s never a good idea. I never asked why the previous owner had let it go into repossession. To put it mildly, I probably didn’t make a very wise decision.

If I didn’t realize my folly when I signed the papers for the home, it didn’t take me long to realize how foolish I had been. I discovered what I had purchased really wasn’t a house . . . it was a houseboat. Everytime it rained I had lakefront property, only the lake wasn’t at the front, it was all around the house. I made a poor decision because I lacked wisdom, and I really didn’t look for it in the right place.

And, while I haven’t bought any houseboats lately, I have to tell you, I still need wisdom. There are still times when I look at certain issues and wonder what is right and what is wrong. Whenever I face a major life decision that will impact my life and the life of my family, it is often that I just don’t know what to do. Quite honestly there are some decisions about this church that make me scratch my head! I often pray, “God, please show me what to do?”

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