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The Prophet Isaiah                 His name means ___________________________

He has been called:

      “the ________________________of the Old Testament Prophets”

      “the ________________________________ of the Old Testament”

      “the ________________________________ prophet”

 Isaiah was:

      The great ____________________-prophet; the ______evangelist; the son of ______; A prophet of the ____________________before the ____________________________         

      Circle which would aptly apply to Isaiah

1. Theologian                               2. Reformer                        3. Statesman                          4. Historian                 5. Poet 

6. Orator                                      7. Prince                             8. Patriot                                10. Played for New England

The Book of Isaiah

      It has been called “the Mount ________________________of Prophetic Literature.”

      Characterized by:

________________________;             ________________revelations of God’s character;

____________________; Abundant evidence of ________________________revelation

                                 Passages which ________________________Christians.

Chapters 1-6

      A. A Prologue: A Nation Indicted (chap. 1).


            1. Accusation 1:2-15

                  a. Count one: _______________________

                  b. Count two: ________________________

                  c. Count three: Judah was _______________________

                  d. Count four: _______________________


            2. Invitation 1:16-20

                  a. Stop doing ________________________

                  b. Replace previous ________________with positive ________________


            3. Lamentation over Disaster 1:21-23


            4. Purgation through judgment 1:24-31


      B. A Sermon  (chaps. 2–4)

            1. Promise: A Glorious City (2:2–5)


            2. Indictment: An Abandoned People (2:6–9)


            3. Warnings

                  God’s Day (2:10–22)

                   Judgment on Judah (3:1–12)


                   Judgment on the Women (3:16–4:1).

            5. Promise: A Better Day (4:2f)

      C. A Song: A Vineyard Destroyed (chap. 5).

            1. The Choice ________________________ (5:1–7).

            2. The Rotten _______________________ (5:8–23).

            3. The Bitter ________________________ (5:24–30)

      D. A Vision: A Prophet Called (chap. 6).

            1. A Vision of ________________________ (6:1–3).

            2. A Vision of ________________________ (6:5–7).

            3. A Vision of ________________________ (6:8–13).

… the primary reason for reading Isaiah is to see the Lord. Certainly we’ve seen God in other Old Testament books. We’ve seen His power in the Exodus, His righteousness in the Law, His justice in the Book of Judges. But somehow it’s as though we saw God through the events recorded. He is there, but as a shadow; glimpsed, but not fully revealed, in His actions in history. In Isaiah the veil of history is pulled aside and we see God directly, revealed in all His glory.

For all of us who desire to know God in a deeper and fuller way, the Book of Isaiah holds great promise. As you study it with your group, you will together be filled with wonder at the greatness and majesty of our God. You will be moved to praise and to hope, as God lifts high the torch of revelation to show us … Himself!


•     _________________________________________________, Isaiah 5:15–16

•      _________________________________________________, Isaiah 8:13–15

•      _________________________________________________, Isaiah 11:3–5

•      _________________________________________________, Isaiah 26:1–4

•      _________________________________________________, Isaiah 44:6–8

•      _________________________________________________, Isaiah 41:10, 13

•      _________________________________________________, Isaiah 60:1–3

We meet God in a special way in this book, and will come to appreciate Him deeply.

Here are some of the other characters we meet with:








Rezin and Pekah


In Chapters 1-5 the Seer saw:

1.The _________________________ of ________________________Israel  (eg 1:2-3)

2.The consummate _______________________________________by God  (eg 2:3-4)

3.The coming __________________________________through conquerors  (eg 3:4-5)

What did the Seer see in ch. 6?

            He saw   God

He was __________________________upon a ________________________

   In Isaiah’s day Jehovah dwelt above the mercy ___________covered by ____________

He was __________________________and __________________________ _________

   The redundancy suggests his _________________and ________________are absolute

His __________________________filling the temple

   The Lord’s _________________________and _______________________are absolute

His seraphs making sure everyone was __________________________attention with an:

   A__________________________  P__________________________

            A__________________________  P__________________________

                        A__________________________  P__________________________

                                    A______________________   P__________________________

            He saw        himself

In _____________________and ___________due to being a ______________________ among __________________________

   He only saw his true _________________after seeing the true ____________________

In __________________________and _________________________

In ________________________ and __________________________

            He saw his task

__________________________ unpopular __________________________

__________________________ scant __________________________

__________________________ catastrophic __________________________

__________________________ Divine __________________________

God Sees It All

Isaiah 8:1-9:21

1. Ahaz has rejected trust in God to trust in Assyria (see Isa. 7).

2. Isaiah warns that God will now bring this very nation against His people (8:1–10).

3. Even so, believers to fear God (vv. 11–18), not surrender to desperate acts (vv. 19–22).

4. Yet beyond the present gloom the future holds a bright hope - A child

5. But first Israel will be totally crushed (vv. 8–21).

Two important principles in OT prophecy:

      1) the prophets saw Christ’s coming in humiliation and in glory, but did not see the period of time between these events—__________________________ (1 Peter 1:10–12);

      2) each prophecy grew out of a definite historical setting

I.     Judah Will Be Delivered from Her Enemies (7:1–16)


II.     Israel Will Be Defeated by Assyria (7:17–10:34)

Isaiah used three vivid contrasts to show the rulers of Judah the mistake they were making by trusting Assyria instead of trusting the Lord.

      1. They chose a _________________instead of a ____________________________ (Isa. 8:5–10).

      2. They chose a __________________________instead of a ___________________ (Isa. 8:11–15).

      3. They chose ____________________instead of ____________________________ (Isa. 8:16–22).








III.     Israel and Judah Will Unite in the Kingdom (11–12)

And The Hammer Hammers And Gets Hammered


v 6 Assyria was commissioned by God was to _________________________ Israel

v 7-11 Assyria became too big for his britches. List the indicators of his arrogance:

      1. v 7 She sought to __________________instead of __________________

2. v 7 She sought to __________________________the world instead of ___________________________Israel

      3. v 8 She boasted in the ___________________________of her big shots

      4. v 9-10 She boasted in the ___________________________of her ______________

      5. v 11 She boasted that Judah’s __________________wouldn’t fair any better

v 12 God says He’ll use him, then punish him. List the qualities that seem to annoy God:

1. My ________________________

2. My ________________________

3. I have ______________________

4. I removed ___________________

5. I ___________________________

6. I’m like a __________________

7. I brought them __________________

8. I’m the __________________, their

kings are _______________& ________


Assyria is to God as the…

      1. _________is to the __________________

      2. _________is to the __________________

      3. __________________is to the __________________

      4. __________________of wood is to its _______________which sure isn’t _______

 v 16-19 So Assyria will get hammered

v 20-23 And a remnant of Israel will return

   1. To trust in the _______________instead of _______________ (cf Hosea 5:13; 7:11; 8:9)

   2. But only a __________________of the __________________

   3. And the threat of __________________will forever be __________________

v 24 So take heart

   1. Assyria will smite Israel like __________________did

   2. But ___________________________what happened to Egypt?!

And  ___________________________?!  And rod of ___________________________?!

   3. Israel’s ____________________will help bring the __________________of Assyria

Isa. 10:28–32

And finally the details. Isaiah wrote it app. _________BC. It happened in _________BC.

      According to ch 37, from which direction did Sennacherib come from?

The Twig

Isaiah 11

The predictions in ch 11 foresee the fulfillment of prophecies given centuries before:

   1. First, to Abram -- Gen 12:2-3     

   2. Then, about Isaac – Gen 1:12

   3. Then, about Jacob -- Gen 25: 23


   4. Then, about Judah’s authority -- Gen 49:10

   5. BUT…Judah ______________________________________________ (Gen 38:15)

      a. Now in De 23:2 the Law said,

      b. Judah’s son was born and named _____________________________-- Gen 38:29

      c. Now jump a few hundred years to the days of Ruth (Ru 4:17-18) … There is a son born to _______________________; and they called his name ____________________: he is the father of _______________________, the father of ______________________.

Now these are the generations of Pharez:

   1 - _________________begat   4 - _____________begat  7 - _________________begat

   2 -_________________begat    5 - _____________begat  8 - _________________begat

   3 - _________________begat   6 - _____________begat 9 - ________________ begat

   d. The choice of David -- I Sam 6

   e. The Davidic Covenant -- 2Sa 7:16

All this was centuries before Isaiah wrote. Now he foresees the fulfillment

   a. He had said (10:33-34) the _____________________, Assyrian army, in Judah would be ____________________________down.

   b. A little shoot would come up from a ____________________________in a barren ____________________________. This shoot would be:

      1. Isa. 11:10 A root sheh’resh – permanent _____________________

      2. Isa 4:2; Jer 23:5 A tseh’makh – a sprouting _____________________

      3. Rev 22:16 ridza – an _____________________

   c. This little branch is described in detail (______________years before He was born)



             His Character Foretold1-The Spirit of the Lord will rest on Him  2-of wisdom and understanding 3-of counsel and strength 4-of knowledge and the fear of the Lord. 5-He will delight in the fear of the Lord 6-He will not judge eyes see nor ears 7-With righteousness & fairness He judges 8-strike…with the rod…slay the wicked. 9-Also righteousness will be the belt…, And faithfulness the belt about His waist.   1- 2- 3- 4- 5- 6- 7- 8- 9- 

The character of His administration  vss 6-10

And the _____________________will dwell with the _____________________,

   And the _____________________will lie down with the _____________________,

And the ______________and the __________________ and the ____________together;

   And a little ______________will lead them.

Also the _____________________and the _____________________will graze,

   Their _____________________will lie down together,

And the _____________________will eat straw like the ______________.

The nursing _____________________will play by the hole of the __________________,

   And the weaned ______________will put his hand on the ____________________den.

They will not _____________________or _________________in all My holy mountain,

   For the earth will be ______________of the ________________________of the Lord

As the waters cover the _____________________.


Then in that day

   The _____________________will resort to the _____________________of Jesse,

Who will stand as a _____________________for the peoples;

   And His _____________________will be _____________________

ISAIAH 11–12

The King, His Kingdom and Israel’s salvation hymn.

I.  The Person of the Messiah (11:1–16)

     A. His ancestry (11:1) :

     B. His anointing (11:2) :

     C. His administration (11:3–5):

     D. His accomplishments (11:6–16)

         1. The Messiah will usher in universal _________________________ among ___________________________and perfect ___________________ among the __________________________ (11:6–9

         2. All nations will _________________________to him (11:10, 12a).

         3. He will gather the outcasts of Israel from all over the world and will restore them to the land (11:11, 12b–14).

               a. This regathering is assured in other passages

27:12–13          49:22–23; 56:7–8             Matt. 24:31              Rom. 11:25–29

               b. The “highway” is a favorite image.

A _____________________ and ____________________ road (Isa. 26:7–8).

A ___________________________road (40:3–4)

A ___________________________road (42:16).

An _______________________and ________________________________ road (49:11; 57:14; 62:10).

A road called “the _______________of ______________________ ” (35:8).

               c. A highway of ________________________________________ from the ____________________________________to the ____________________________________ (11:15–16).

II. Messiah will be ___________________________________(12:1–6)


The refrain in Isaiah 12:2

“The Lord, even Jehovah, is my strength and my song; He also is become my salvation”

            Was sung at the ___________________________ (Ex. 15:2)

            And at the ___________________________ of the temple in ___________________________day (Ps. 118:14).

            It was sung by the ___________________________ after the Jews had been delivered from Egypt by _________________________, a prophet (Ex 15:2)

             It will be most fitting the Jewish nation will have accepted Jesus Christ as its King and so will be literally true.

      A. Their thanksgiving to the Lord (12:1–3)

            1. For ___________________________ (12:1)

            2. For _______________________and _________________________ (12:2–3B).

     B. Their testimony to the world (12:4–6): Israel will become what it was meant to be: a ___________________________ and a _______________________________ to the nations while they behold God among them.

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