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      1. Addressing church in Col. and speaks of “one body”

      2. In view is the health of the church, which is not indep. of the individ.


I. A healthy church is the will of God for you

      A. Called us to peace in one body

            1. The saints… are called to peace by God, who is the God of peace; by Christ, who is the Prince of peace; and by the Spirit, whose fruit is peace; and through the Gospel, which is the Gospel of peace, and into a Gospel state, which lies in peace, righteousness, and joy in the Holy Ghost:

            2. We’peace with the Judge cuz demands are met

            3. We’ve the tools to produce and keep it day to day

            4. God’s commands tend to settle the soul

      B. The church should be a haven

            1. Where love and goodness abound

            2. Where the soul finds help and comfort

            3. Where every individ. is a friend to be treasured.

      C. If FFBC is to be such, then the peace of X must rule.

            1. Peace

                  a. Not just absence of hostilities. “hearts” = inside out

                  b. Not allow anything to keep the peace for it must be the peace of God and must honor that peace. Can’t have peace with Joe if God is provoked.

                  c. Not a bland, lifeless existence devoid of passion, excitement.

                  d. It is

            2. What rules in unbelievers’ hearts?

                  a. Anger Envy Vengeance Lust Selfishness

            3. X changes things

                  a. Calls into a state of peace

                  b. Adds you to a body

                  c. Indwells you with the Spirit of peace who fills with Love of God

                  d. Commands you to make the peace of X ruler. Maintaining the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace is the most important thing.

He hath represented an arena within, in the thoughts, and a contest, and a wrestling, and an umpire. Then again, exhortation, “to the which ye were called,” he saith, that is, for the which ye were called. He has reminded them of how many good things peace is the cause; on account of this He called thee, for this He called thee, so as to receive a worthy prize. For wherefore made He us “one body”? Was it not that she might rule? Was it not that we might have occasion of being at peace? Wherefore are we all one body? and now are we one body? Because of peace we are one body, and because we are one body, we are at peace. But why said he not, “Let the peace of God be victorious,” but “be umpire”? He made her the more honorable.[1]

II. The health of the church is more important than the amelioration my ego

      A. David refused to kill Saul. Some things more import. That personal wants

      B. Jesus was disappointed w/ Disps but did discard ‘em and app’t new ones


When a Christian loses the peace of God, he begins to go off in directions that are out of the will of God. He turns to the things of the world and the flesh to compensate for his lack of peace within. He tries to escape, but he cannot escape himself! It is only when he confesses his sin, claims God’s forgiveness, and does God’s will that he experiences God’s peace within.

            1. Dianetics- L. Ron Hubbard – attempt to rid self of mental illness by erasing “engrams,” bad memory loops.

            2. God sez confess, He cleanses

            3. God gives us the way to be at peace that works. The world offers bologna.

      C. From whence come wars and fightings among you…?

            1. God wants His church well, her people in fellowship


Down deep in your heart you should want the peace of X to control everything

Suppose one to have been insulted unjustly; of the insult are born two thoughts, the one bidding him to revenge, the other to endure; and these wrestle with one another: if the Peace of God stand forward as umpire, it bestows the prize on that which bids endure, and puts the other to shame. How? by persuading him that God is Peace, that He hath made peace with us.  Chrysostom

III. The health of the church will thrive amidst culture of appreciation

AV-thankful 1; 1

1) mindful of favours, grateful, thankful

2) pleasing, agreeable

3) acceptable to others, winning, liberal, beneficent

When he bids us be thankful, I do not take this as referring so much to the remembrance of favors, as to sweetness of manners. Hence, with the view of removing ambiguity, I prefer to render it, "Be amiable." At the same time I acknowledge that, if gratitude takes possession of our minds, {4} we shall without fail be inclined to cherish mutual affection among ourselves. Calvin

For in truth he that confesses thanks due to God for what he suffers, will not revenge himself on him that has done him wrong, since he at least that takes revenge, acknowledges no gratitude. But let not us follow him (that exacted) the hundred pence, lest we hear, “Thou wicked servant,” for nothing is worse than this ingratitude. So that they who revenge are ungrateful.


[1]Schaff, P. (1997). The Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers Vol. XIII. Chrysostom: Homilies on Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Thessalonians, Timothy, Titus, and Philemon. Oak Harbor: Logos Research Systems.

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