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The Home

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Scripture: Col 3:20-21


Theme: The home


     1. Home should be good cuz God is good. He directs people to the good always.

     2. So: wife, submit (which does not mean servitude, but a willing bending of the will).

     Husbands, love (which means her welfare is before your own)

     Children, obey

     Fathers, don’t exasperate. Ps 127:3  Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward. So they are a stewardship, and parents must answer to God.

     3. What would a home be like if every member lived each day to please God in all things?

     1. It would be a happy place because each would be seeking the happiness of the others

     2. It would be a safe place because each would be watching out for the others

     3. It would be a prosperous place because no one would be consuming the families fortunes to satisfy personal lust

     4. It would be a Godly place because each would help the other to “know the Lord.”

     5. It would be a fun place because joy would be a primary concern.

     6. It would be a good place because evil would be the farthest thing from anyone’s mind.

Kids, it’s good to obey mom and dad

     A. Addressed to kids, church kids! The Bible is for you. To you.

         1. God wants only what is good. Keep you from harm.

         2. God’s design is good and will make you happy. Selfishness-misery

     B. That’s why it’s important to obey parents, it’s cuz God is good

         1. In OT it was the first command with a promise

         2. Disobedience was rebellion and severely punished (Ex. 21:17 “He who curses his father or his mother shall surely be put to death”).

              a. It’s a rejection of God

              b. It’s stupid cuz you don’t know as much

              c. It’s dangerous: your soul is at stake-can’t fear God if not dad

     C. Jesus set an example (Luke 2:51).

     D. It makes God happy

         1. God can be angered, made sorry, made to laugh, be pleased, well pleased.

         2. Don’t you love your heavenly Father?

II. Parents (esp. dad) it’s your job to give them something worth obeying

     A. Start by giving them your prayers

John H. Starkey was a violent British criminal. He murdered his own wife, then was convicted for the crime and executed. The officials asked General William Booth, founder of the Salvation Army, to conduct Starkey’s funeral. Booth faced as ugly and mean a crowd as he had ever seen in his life, but his first words stopped them and held them: “John H. Starkey never had a praying mother!”

     B. Nurture them, don’t dominate them.

         1. Think of a new tomato plant. How do you nurture?

         2. “Children, obey” is a teaching.

              a. Sit down and show them what it says

              b. Don’t beat them over the head with it.

              c. If they are not enjoying the Word w/ you you better change your methods.

              d. Don’t do anything that will make ‘em lose heart.

In the ancient world children were very much under the domination of their parents. The supreme example was the Roman Patria Potestas, the law of the father’s power. Under it a parent could do anything he liked with his child. He could sell him into slavery; he could make him work like a labourer on his farm; he had even the right to condemn his child to death and to carry out the execution. All the privileges and rights belonged to the parent and all the duties to the child.

         3. God has a better way. Treat them like Jesus treats you 

     C. Children do have rights:

         1. To be born!

         2. To be safe

         3. To be taught about God

         4. To be nurtured so as to develop as God intends

     D. They can be embittered, discouraged, lose heart. They can be destroyed.

     E. Remember that children are a gift from God. Be careful what you do with that gift. Remember the parable of the talents.


     God is good, and has designed things to be good. His desire is that all should come to the knowledge of the truth and enjoy the good He enjoys. The home that embraces the instructions of the Designer will be a happy place. Everyone in that family will find fulfillment and satisfaction in life. God will be well pleased, and no harm will come to anyone.

     This is the kind of life Jesus promises. When you receive Him, He saves and begins the process of changing you. The more you yield to the instruction of His Word and practice what it says, the more you will understand and enjoy the goodness of God.

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