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When Everything Goes Wrong

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Here is a list of "Murphy's Laws for Churches" (author unknown):

  • Video projectors always work before the class meeting begins.
  • The probability of the preacher tripping over the mike cord is greater on "Bring A Friend" Sunday than any other week.
  • The largest Bible Class will show up when the teacher feels his/her worst.
  • No matter how many bulletins you print, you'll always need one more.
  • A member living 15 miles away will be 15 minutes early; members living two blocks will be 15 minutes late.
  • The shorter the agenda, the longer the business meeting.
  • Saying "Let us pray" or singing "Just As I Am" causes babies to cry.
  • When you answer the Bible teacher's question right, nobody remembers; when you are wrong, nobody forgets.
  • The furnace only fails when the outside temperature is more than 20 degrees below zero. The air conditioner only fails when the outside temperature is 90 degrees or above.
  • When the preacher misspeaks in a sermon, at least half of those taking notes will write the remark down as an important thought from the sermon.

Murphy's Law ("Whatever can go wrong will go wrong") manifests itself in a multitude of ways in our lives. In fact, there are times when it seems that EVERYTHING is going wrong. How we react to those situations says a lot about our character.

Do we react by saying, "Everything will turn out all right eventually"? We may be living in a dream world.

Do we react by saying, "How could God do this to me"? Our bitterness may cause us to turn away from God. 

Or do we react by turning to God, praying for strength, trusting Him to see us through?

n Acts 4, the apostles were threatened by government officials and forbidden to preach in the name of Jesus. They prayed, "Now, look on their threats, and grant to Your servants that with all boldness they may speak Your word...." (Acts 4:29)

Father, there may be those reading this message whose world has come crashing down around them. May you bless them with strength; make them mindful of just how much they need your help. May you use the times when things go wrong as opportunities to manifest your glory in a special way. In Jesus name, amen.

Source: Allan Smith Thought for the Day

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