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C.L.A.S.S. 101  SURVEY


Name _______________________________________________________


1.      After participating in 101, the following statement best represents my relationship with

God:   (please circle one of the three bulleted statements)


·        I realize that I have been religious, but that I do not have a personal relationship with Christ.


q      I would like to talk in private about how to have a relationship with Christ.

q      I'm not ready to talk, but please pray for me.


·        I am a Christian, but I realize my relationship with Christ is weak and I would be interested in future opportunities to participate in spiritual growth classes.


·        I am confident that I have a relationship with Christ and am content with the spiritual progress I'm making.


2.      As I have considered membership in Crossroads Church, here are my thoughts:  (check the appropriate box)


q      I definitely want to join Crossroads and get involved.


_______ I've already been baptized by immersion


_______ I would need to be baptized to publicly declare my faith in Christ


_______ I would be transferring my membership from _____________________


                  __________________ Church in _____________________________.


q      I'm unsure, at this point, what I need to do.  Please pray for me to have clarity about God's will.  I need more time to decide.


q      I have realized that I definitely do not need to join Crossroads.  Pray for me as I search for the church the Lord wants me to join.


3.      For those who are going to be joining Crossroads, please take the Membership Covenant and read it carefully.  Ken will be in touch with you about formally signing the covenant and establishing the membership relationship.


4.      Also, for those who will be joining Crossroads, please take a few minutes to complete the back side of this page.  We'd be encouraged to hear your story of coming to faith in Jesus.









My Spiritual Journey



My Life Before Accepting Christ (in a few sentences or descriptive words, tell us what life was like without God in your life):













How I Came to Realize That I Needed God in My Life:












When I Came to Faith in Jesus Christ  (describe the scene when you made a conscious choice to follow Christ as your Savior and Lord):














How My Life Has Been Different Since I Placed My Faith in Christ:






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