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The True Meaning of Christmas

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Revelation 1:4-8; 19:1-10


            Already millions are preparing to feast and make merry.  Most will have only a vague notion as to the reason for their excitement.  They will celebrate because it is the nature of human beings to do so when life presents the opportunity.  But most will little understand the true significance of Christmas.

            God’s children alone understand the real meaning of Christmas.  We know that Jesus was likely not born in December and that the 25th was originally a pagan holiday, still our hearts are stirred by the images painted by the prophets and apostles.  It really doesn’t matter when it happened but that it did happen!  A baby was born in Bethlehem, angels sang, and shepherds came to bow down before God’s Son.  Most remember that Wise Men came bearing special gifts for the child, but few know the Man that sprang from the Child.

            While the merry makers prepare for the holiday, we the people of God are reminded to keep our eyes fixed upon the eastern sky.  I am excited about the birthday celebration of Jesus but not nearly so much as the great feast awaiting all the redeemed.  One day all that know Him will sit down around the Father’s table for a victory celebration.  All that diminishes my joy this Christmas is the realization that so many remembering Jesus’ first coming with joy will greet His second with sorrow!

I.                    The Lord Is Coming Again!


A.    Not a possibility but a certainty

1.      His ultimate victory was foretold before the Advent

2.      Jesus promised He would return and has given signs to watch for

B.     He left to prepare us a place

1.      He is our example, blazing a trail for us to follow

2.      His promise is two-fold:  “If I go away I will come again….”

3.      This is the entire point of Scripture


II.                 How Different This Coming Will Be From The First


A.    Not in humility but in majesty

B.     Not to die but to reclaim His possessions

C.    Not to hang on a cross but to sit on the throne

D.    Not offering mercy but to pronounce judgment

1.      Love refused brings death and judgment

2.      Christ prefers to forgive but will not shirk from condemning the unrepentant


III.               His Coming Will Be Seen By All


A.    “Every eye shall see Him…every knee will bow”

1.      Both the living and the dead

2.      Even those that refused Him

3.      This will mean sorrow for the world

B.     He will not return alone, the redeemed will be with Him

1.      The saved will be caught away before this day

2.      Ten thousand thousands that loved Him will return with Him


Let us make this Christmas season the best since Jesus first came.  We can bring meaning to people’s lives by telling the whole story of Jesus’ life and helping them to realize that His every sacrifice was made for them.

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