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Luke 4:31-44 *

This account is also recorded in Mk 1:21-39 & Matt 4 & 8

Before we read our passage this morning let’s think again how Jesus must have felt when the home town people He grew up with, wanted to kill him! – I’m sure Mary became aware of this and it pierced her soul. Up to this point Jesus had been accepted, but when He applied Is 61 to Himself ; that messianic promise of good news, forgiveness, healing and liberty; He knew this would happen./

But if Jesus was touched with our infirmities; I’m sure His heart was heavy after this ordeal.

Perhaps tears streamed down His face as He thought about the people He grew up with in Nazareth. He could see their angry faces of hatred and hearts of blindness replay in his mind over and over Thus this 29 mile walk to Capernaum was therapeutic.– took a few days on foot 

Ever serve in the ministry and feel loved one minute then unappreciated the next? Accepted one moment then rejected the next? Needed one instant then useless the next? – That’s ministry

Like Jesus, we serve regardless of how people judge us or how erratic they are.

We might have the best of intentions but if we don’t learn to have thick skin  while serving Jesus we will become whiners, not worshippers, defeatists not disciples.

If Jesus suffered rejection, misunderstanding and hatred without sin how much more will we?

I say this to encourage us because Jesus was headed for Capernaum = village of comfort.  

Capernaum will become Jesus’ headquarters – it was also Peter, Andrew, James, and John’s hometown You recall they met before in John 1 and it seems they had to get back their fishing trade with Dad. The writer of Matthew‘s gospel was a Jewish tax collector will soon be approached by Jesus to follow Him. This was going to be a busy day for Jesus Vs 31-32

The actual location of the synagogue that Jesus taught in. (the original bedrock is still there but what you see is the remains of what was excavated from 1921-26

His word was with authority.–As I described last week Jesus would read a passage & share a devotional. The people were very impressed. *

The Greek word is - ex-oo-see-a   He taught the word with a sense of ability and delegated influence.

IOW: Instead of the usual dry recitals of Rabbis each Sabbath - People were getting liberated!

And that’s how we know we are sharing God’s word with authority – when people are being liberated not laden with legalism* – suddenly there is an interruption in the service

Vs 33-37*

Why? – Because this kind of phenomena had never been seen before. The Messiah was here and the demons knew their days were numbered. For centuries they went unchecked but not anymore!

Note: *

#1 it was an unclean demon which meant this man subjected himself to moral impurity. *

This is why pornography is so damaging to men’s marriages & their impression of women when they watch it That’s why it’s so degrading to the men & women who choose to be filmed doing it for money)

Christians can’t be possessed but certainly fixated with pornography and such activity will afflict you


2ndly: it recognized Jesus as Son of God remember; demons were fallen angels – they knew who Jesus was – they knew He had the authority to send them to their final destination –
James 2:19 You believe that there is one God. You do well. Even the demons believe—and tremble! 

Christians, we must never forget that demons are afraid of us unless you walk on their turf!


3rdly: Jesus forbade the demon to testify of Him that wasn’t a demon’s job – He was trying to imitate the HS’s job! That’s all demons can do – imitate!  One day all will see Lucifer bow his knee to Jesus & proclaim “He is Lord”! – The volume of cheers will exceed a million Super Bowl wins!

4thly: Jesus shut Him up!– We got a new puppy recently –Trixi – I took her for a free nail clipping – but she’s quite hyper– Before they began doing each of her nails – they placed a muzzle on her snout so she wouldn’t bite them– they needed two people to get it done but she didn’t make a sound – so2w/ Jesus

My Pastor once taught a very simple truth about demonology: If you walk into a dark room, you don’t speak against the darkness, have a rally against the darkness, or give seminars on the darkness. You simply turn on the light.” So rest assured, if Jesus and His word are your priority, whatever ministry you are focused on; Demons may show themselves, using people who are bringing attention to themselves, but if you speak in the name of Jesus; it has to go! – No need to continue the conversation - Vs 38-39

Apparently, some of Jesus’ disciples were in that meeting – probably Peter, Andrew, James & John - They went to have some lunch over at Peter & Andrew’s home after service across the street *

Here we discover Simon Peter had a wife!  While a life of celibacy is not wrong – the Catholic Church sure picked the wrong Pope to represent them!  How Peter must chuckle if he has any knowledge of earthly matters today! His mother in-law was bedridden with high fever – *

Luke was a physician & always shared detail into these sicknesses. –Fevers were common in the spring because of the marshy areas.  Like the demon; Jesus rebuked the fever & she was restored. What I love about this healing; Jesus didn’t need a large packed hall or TV ministry and a bunch of antics to stage His miracle! He spoke; she got up and began serving! As we go thru Luke we will talk about why we do not see healing like this today – that’s a whole other teaching

Vs 40-41

KIM: this was on the Sabbath Day! – He was working until sun down!  News of the demoniac, Peter’s mother in-law traveled quickly- *-

Vs 42-44*

The Lord must have been weary after such a demanding day, and yet He was up early the next morning to pray. For Jesus; prayer was all in a day’s work! *But on the next day people came looking for Him to try to keep Him from leaving!  But then He states his mission –

Vs 43 *

Jesus knew his purpose – How about us? Have you thought about it?

Did you notice He didn’t say I must pursue my healing ministry in others cities? Why not?

He knew physical healing wouldn’t save anyone....Consider what Jesus says .*.

1-“I must” – His life was all about a sense of urgency – At age 12 he said “I must be about

my Father’s business, I must do the works of my Father – other sheep I have which are not of this fold; them also I must bring - The idea is that there is no other option - The early church lived with this mentality - John the Baptist –We must have a sense of urgency

2-Preach the kingdom of God - Jesus will mention the “kingdom of God” Or “heaven” in the parables later it embraces all created things, both in heaven & earth, who are in fellowship with God willingly.–Oswald Chambers said If your work is not going to communicate, what good is it? The early church took their calls seriously – They had a heavenly message - If we really studied about our glorious future we’d be less depressed & more impressed to tell others but sadly our message tends to be focused on earthly matters (the kingdom of man)– finances, bestsellers, marriage; diets

We get to proclaim a message that’s heavenly


3-Jesus was sent for a purpose. He was determined to do what He was sent to do

That should be our purpose too! Jesus said “As the Father has sent Me, I also send you.” 

What am I determined to do while I’m here on earth? –Get the lowest golf score?

What will my obituary say?

The purpose of Jesus was to stay the course– to die but for the joy that was set before Him; He endured the cross – S2w/ us - Romans 8:28  And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose. 

*How do we see the body of Christ remain focused on these things? –

Vs 42 *

May consistent prayer give us hearts of urgency – message that’s heavenly - a purpose of certainty?

Find that deserted place and God will make your life more meaningful.

*You watch, you pray – you’ll see.

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