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: People of Faith Walk in Christ over flow with Thanksgiving

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Text: Col 2:6-7 6 Therefore, as you received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in him, 7 being rooted and built up in him and established in the faith, just as you were taught, abounding in thanksgiving.

1.     Are you walking in Christ?

Transitional: Paul lays out three aspects of our ability to walk in Christ.

a.     We Have Been Rooted in Him

                                          i.    For many of us the assumption for many of us tonight, is that we all have been rooted in him already. That is the what Paul refers to in Chapter 1- Hearing of the Word of Truth - Having understood the Grace of God. That is his work on the cross, the forgiveness of sins.

                                         ii.    It is here that a love relationship with Jesus Christ Starts. How do we respond to this love relationship?

                                        iii.    Being rooted in him will develop a desire to please him in all aspects Ch 1:10. 

1.     We serve to please Christ; we care for our spouses and family to please Christ. We obey speed limits to please Christ. Or do we?


b.     We are being built up in Him.

                                          i.    This is our relationship with him. It is the daily exercise of life,Paul mentions two ways we are being built up, is displayed in our lives.

1.     We can testify of bearing fruit in all good works.

2.     We can testify to the increasing of knowledge of God. If I were to ask you how god is working in your life right now, you would have a response. If I were to ask you what are you learning about Jesus who he is, Who is Jesus, do you know him like your spouse? Do you know him more and more like your best friend? It is increasing in our relational knowledge of God.


c.      We are establishing by our Faith.

                                          i.    A final characteristic of walking from chapter 1 includes being strengthened with all power according to his glorious might. The more our faith develops the more it is about Christ and his power and graces not mine.

1.     Can you  . . .

a.     Earn that promotion

b.     Live by the spirit without the spirit

c.      Love the unlovable relative without the love of Christ

2.     It becomes less of me and more of Christ. Our ability to do, our ability to walk, all comes from Christ.

Ok I think we get what Paul is trying to say about walking in Christ (Read 2:6-7)

Ok People of Faith Walk in Christ But are we walking with an overflow of Thankfulness?

People of Faith Walk in Christ overflowing with thanksgiving>So what is Paul’s Point. I am walking does it have to be with thanksgiving? I am serving, I am reading my bible, I might even be memorizing scripture (for those who are super spiritual) I am even serving in Childrens Ministry and I don’t even like other peoples kids! If that’s not walking then I don’t know what is.

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