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Conquering Faith

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Conquering Faith

Joshua 4:18

Theme: The positive influence of a faithful life!


            The blessings of God upon the people are dependant upon the obedience of the priests.


As people of God I’ve found that we are not unlike the rest of the world when it comes to failures, faults, fears, and frustrations.


                        We strive daily to overcome what seems to be, insurmountable problems!


                        We are sometimes successful and other times…well, we don’t do so well, do we?


I.                  Conquering faith can only be realized through complete obedience…

A.    To, where, when, how, and why, God sends us.

That’s right! It is a lack of faith that asks –


            Where will you send me Lord?


                        Or, when will I have to go?


                        Or, how will I be able to do it Lord?


                        Or even, why do you want me to go?


B.     To His ordained representatives.

Not at all an easy one to choke down!


We may get past the first and exercise complete faith in God, but to have faith in another human being?

            Besides, I’ve seen them in action and well, there not infallible!


Nonetheless, Obedience in faith to God is dependant upon our obedience to His ordained









3918 Blame Me Not

Ye call me Master and obey me not,

Ye call me Light and see me not;

Ye call me Way and walk not;

Ye call me Life and desire me not;

Ye call me Wise and follow me not;

Ye call me Fair and love me not;

Ye call me Rich and ask me not;

Ye call me Eternal and seek me not;

Ye call me Gracious and trust me not;

Ye call me Noble and serve me not;

Ye call me Mighty and honor me not;

Ye call me Just and fear me not;

If I condemn you BLAME ME not!

                  Incidentally, nearly every church split manifests itself from God’s people not heading this warning! And, the ruin of many good Christian lives, are the result of not trusting that God works through these situations in order to bring about His plan and our benefit. Romans 8:28




II.               Conquering faith will keep us sure footed even as the challenges and problems of life pile up.

Like the Jordan crossing, we see the problem growing and imminently bearing down on us, but we are not over come by them.




        How will you possibly conquer all of your fears, frustrations, failures, and faults, if you do not faithfully trust God, explicitly?

                The answer is, you never will!

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