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come out of Egypt, my son

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Text: Matt. 2:13-15

Title: come out of Egypt, my Son

Subject: transforming your thinking

  • Discuss how we celebrate Xmas today
  • Discuss God’s plan
    • XP gift from God = Savior
    • Need for a savior  = fall of man

Sin = missing the mark

Sin = bondage

Egypt symbolic for bondage

  • Hebrews life in Egypt = slaves
  • Hostile environment
  • Ruin relationships
  • Keep you from fulfilling Gods purpose for your life
  • You are either serving someone or something other than God


  • Herod troubled = nervous about wise men looking for the new King
  • Joseph and family runs to Egypt by warning from angel
  • Herod=
    • Appointed by Romans because he was a loyal Jew to Roman Govt
    • Cruel
    • Suspicious
    • Killed anyone he was suspicious of
    • Killed the entire royal family of the Hasmonaeans
    • Killed any Jew in his region that opposed him
    • Killed his wife
    • Killed his own sons
    • Wanted to kill all males babies in Bethlehem because he learned that the new King of the Jews would be born there.

Flee to Egypt:

Why would God sent Joseph to Egypt knowing that Egypt is hostile to those that serve him?

  • Sometimes we have to go to hostile places to be saved
    • Save us from self
    • Save us from our environment
    • Save us from those that would rather see us dead

If  Jesus has to go into hostile environment, then we should expect no less

Herod seeks to destroy (ap-ol-loo-mee) apollumi

  • To lay waste – render you useless, misuse, squander
  • To utterly destroy – make you impotent
  • Disintegrate – is to break into pieces, to fragment, to collapse

Stay there until Herod is dead

Herod doesn’t have to be a person, Herod can be a state mind and state of being.

State of mind is:

  • The way you think

State of being is:

  • The way you act, your way of life

And some of you are still in Egypt because your herod isn’t dead

Let me say that another way:

Some of you are still in Egypt that is still in: bondage, hostile environment, in unproductive places, in ruined relationships,  servicing something or someone other than God = because of Herod, your way of thinking and being has not died. That God may bring you back to your rightful place.

  • Traveling around Egypt  but not coming out

Q: How do we get out of Egypt?

·       Change our thinking = changed behavior

§       Have you ever wondered why, as much as your try to change you don’t

·       Change what you pout into your head = change what comes out of your being

·       If you change environment and not thinking all you are doing is traveling around in Egypt. Environment wouldn’t change you, your thinking will.

·       Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind

·       Computer analogy: = junk in junk out

·       You change the result of a program by changing the input or changing the program

·       Like putting in JZ CD but listening for 50cent  lyrics to sound out

·       Re-evaluate your definition of manhood and of success.

·       Let God guide you (relationship)

If herod is not dead you cant get out of Egypt. 

But tell your neighbor, I’m coming out

Whatever has held you back, let it go and come out.

Tell the devil enough is enough

God says, I am calling you out of Egypt, my sons.

Everything the devil has bond up, I want to deliver to you

Your joy



I want to prosper you in all things,

  • Prosper your finance
  • Bless your relationships
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