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Siege of Samaria

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Sermon on 2 Kings 6:29-7:20

Title:  God’s Biological Warfare

Theme:  God will always preserve his people.  Life to those he has chosen.

Goal:  to encourage the congregation that God gives life to his people.

Need:  Often we do not sense the life-giving power of God.


What does sensing the bigger themes do for us?

1.     Helps us sense the chapters like they would have if we covered the whole message of Elisha in one setting.  We hear the broad themes more than the specific details.

2.     Helps us see more clearly how God is the same yesterday, today and forever.

3.     Helps us see how the entire ministry of Elisha the prophet was a foretelling of the coming of Jesus Christ.

Three Themes

1.     Elisha is the prophet of God in line with Elijah.  God does not leave his people without a rescuer who brings his word to the people.

2.     God punishes the disobedient with death.

3.     God gives life to the obedient in surprising ways.

Elisha is the prophet of God.

1.     When he speaks the Word of the Lord, it happens as he says.

a.     Verse 7:1-2  The Word of the Lord.  Spoken through Elisha

b.    The power of God’s word is so important through his messengers.

2.     God doesn’t leave his people without the transforming power of his word.

God punishes those who are disobedient

1.     In this passage God’s punishment is against those who are trying to destroy his plan for his holy people.

2.     Aram is attacking trying to destroy God holy people

a.     The end of the previous section was the end of the raids from Aram.

b.    This time the siege is cutting off all supplies.

                                                              i.      This is certain death for the people.

c.     The King recognizes that God through his prophet is enacting this punishment on them.

3.     Israel’s own sinful behavior is threatening to destroy God’s holy people.

a.     The King recognizes that the power of God has brought the siege on them.

                                                              i.      His response.  Classic example of killing the messenger.  Elisha didn’t do it.  God does it.

                                                            ii.      Elisha sees the plot and God continues to keep him safe.

b.    The pattern of the king is seen in the people.

                                                              i.      Donkeys head cost a ridiculous amount of money.

1.     We thought inflation in a time like this is bad.

                                                            ii.      One lady demands justice against her neighbor.

1.     Killing their sons so they can eat them.

2.     The gall of the woman to save her own son after eating the other womans son.

                                                          iii.      The King realizes what this siege is doing to his people.  It is bringing out in them who he has led them to be.

4.     The death of the messenger of the king.

God gives life to the obedient in surprising ways.

5.     Life is given by ending the siege.

a.     Lepers go over to the enemy camp.

                                                              i.      Heroes… not really.  Defectors.  They see no life with Israel.  Even the lepers want to join the enemy.

                                                            ii.      Cleansing of Israel symbolically.

b.    God is the rescuer

                                                              i.      Makes the enemy hear chariots, horses and infantry.- from the Egyptians and Hittites.

1.     Imagine what that must sound like?

2.     Closest thing I can picture is what I have seen in the movies.  Armies of hundreds of thousands.

                                                            ii.      They flee armour, clothing everywhere when the kings chariots finally find them

                                                          iii.      God is a warrior. 

1.     The old testament he uses the chariots and horses of Israel to win battles.

2.     He even uses his own firey chariots and the sound of horses and men going to battle.

c.     Supply and demand.  Both are high all of a sudden.  God feeds his people well with the plunder from the camp at Aram.


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