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Who is Jesus Lesson Plan class

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I.      Miracle 1:  The wedding in Cana (John 2:7-11)

A.            Jesus turned water into __________________

B.            Jesus is the master of ______________ in answer to man’s ________________________________.

II.    Miracle 2:  Healing the Nobleman’s son (John 4:46-50)

A.            Jesus healed this nobleman’s so from a ________________________.

B.            The nobleman _________________ Jesus’ ability

1.     He never fully believed his son was healed until _________  ______________ came and told him. (vs. 51-53)

2.     We would rather believe the ______________ of a servant, and doubt the ________________ of the master.

C.            Jesus is the master of _______________, in answer to man’s ________________.

III.   Miracle 3:  Healing the man by the pool (John 5:1-9)

A.            This man had been paralyzed for _____________.

B.            When Jesus asked him if he wanted to be healed, the man gave a list of ______________________ as to why he can’t get his healing.

1.     I have no man

a.         dependence on people instead of God

2.     When the water is stirred up

b.    dependence on circumstances rather than God

3.     To put me in the pool

c.     limiting God to work only in certain geographical areas

4.     While I am coming, another steps down before me

d.    blaming others for past failures rather than focusing on present possibilities.

C.            The man’s excuses show that he is dependant on everything except _______________.

D.            No matter how long an ailment takes us down, Jesus still has ____________________________ over it.

E.            Jesus is the master of _________ in answer to man’s ______________________________.

IV.   Miracle 4:  Jesus feeds the 5000 (John 6:5-13)

A.            Jesus uses the _____________  _____________ of the boy to meet the ____________  ___________ of a hungry multitude.

1.     This multitude consisted of 5000 men, plus children, plus women.

B.            Jesus provides enough food to __________ everyone’s bellies.

C.            Jesus not only meets their needs, he fills their ___________________________.

D.            Jesus not only fills their desires, but he _____________ them-there were 12 baskets of leftovers!

E.            Jesus is the master of ________________, in answer to man’s _____________________.

V.    Miracle 5:  Jesus calms the storm (John 6:16-21)

A.            The disciples left without ________________.

B.            A fierce ________________ came upon them halfway to their destination.

1.     The disciples were _____________________ to navigate the stormy sea.

2.     In their powerlessness the disciples had no _________________ of reaching shore safely.

3.     When there is no hope then the door is open to ____________________.

C.            The disciples see in the darkness of the night Jesus ___________________ towards them on the sea.

D.            When the disciples have Jesus _______________ the storm doesn’t matter.

E.            With Jesus onboard the disciples _____________ their destination.

F.            Jesus is the master of _________________, in answer to man’s _________________________.

VI.   Miracle 6:  Jesus heals a man blind from birth (John 9:1-7)

A.            This blind man lived a life in total ________________________.

B.            Jesus stepped into this man’s life of darkness as the _____________________ of the world.

C.            Jesus’ light completely ___________________ the darkness.

D.            Jesus is the master of _____________________, in answer to man’s ___________________________.

VII. Miracle 7:  Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead (John 11:39-44)

A.            Jesus knew that Lazarus would ______________. (John 11:4)

B.            Jesus knew that He would _______________ Lazarus from the dead. (John 11:11)

C.            The fate of Lazarus allowed Jesus to be __________________.

D.            Jesus called him from the ______________

E.            Jesus is the master of ________________ , in answer to man’s _________________________.


Who is Jesus?

Jesus proved who he was when he walked on the earth.  One way which he did this was through the miracles which he performed.  The Gospel of John records seven such miracles.  These seven miracles show us today as well as then, just who Jesus is.

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