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Praise for Deliverance~October 11, 2004

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Oh wonderful father in heaven hear my joy.  My lips sing forth your praise.  My eyes have seen the glorious stretch of your hand as it vanquished my enemies.  All hail the mighty power of the grace of God.  Your love has shielded me from mortal harm.  You have kept me safe all this time.  In exchange you have given me patience.  It is true world.  Those that wait in the Lord, he shall renew their strength.  They shall mount up as on wings of eagles.  They shall run and not be weary.  They shall walk and not faint.  Lord I am soaring in the clouds and see the earth from your view.  You have smashed my enemies and set me free.  Your greatness is no longer before me.  Your greatness is everywhere around me and through me.  It courses through my veins as a new blood.  It gives me life and hope where staleness and disease once ran.  Your grace purifies my soul.  Your spirit is awakening my thoughts.  I am surrendered to you and your wonderfulness.  I understand now why you have so many names  Father, you are limitless in what you can do, one word is nowhere near enough to describe all of you.  Oh, Lord!! Your power and might are awesome!  I quiver in the spectacle of what you have done in my life.  Lord let me be an echo or a brief reflection of all that you are.  The poor world!!  So many do not know of your greatness.  Let them see your greatness in me.  Let your greatness pour from me to those around me.  Let me be your vessel.  Let me be one more voice for your greatness and your awesome love and compassion.  Lord, my sins I have left at the cross with Jesus.  My hope is in the great family reunion in the sky.  Oh Lord quicken to that day.  Just let me bring more people to your table before that day.  All praise the Almighty, Wonderful, Everlasting, All powerful, all knowing God father of all.


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