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Letter to God~June 9, 2002

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Hear my sorrows oh Lord.  I cry against the snare of evil oppression.  I am trapped in the cave of despair.  The Enemy blocks the exit oh Lord.  The stone at my back is cold and unfeeling.  There is no light in this cave, Lord.  Darkness surrounds me and I cannot see.  It is cold here, oh Lord,  There is no fire to warm me.  The wind howls outside, a moan for these aching bones. I yearn to be free, Lord.  lend me your sword that I may cleave my way to freedom.  Lord, I am too weak to carry this sword.  I cannot lift it nor wield it.  I am powerless to help my self..  I cry out against the void that engulfs me.  I am senseless.  I have no escape.  My doom is encroaching upon and within.  My blood slows and is cold.  I am so cold.  The darkness plays tricks with my ears.  I begin to hear that which is not there. Lord help me!  I am afraid, Lord to do anything, I am powerless in the struggle.  Lord, I lift your name on high!  The darkness parts.  Mine enemies have become your enemies.  Your will lets me lift the sword.  We strike at the foe.  In terror does he turn and flee.  The light shines in my soul and it is well.  Your presence fills me and I am complete.  I have become coccooned in your spirit, a mere crawling insect that will one day open his eyes to a new body.  Splendourous and awesome.  I will fly with eagles, I will run and not be weary.  Lord, your light makes me free.  Your hand gives me strength.  Your will gives me  courage and conviction.  Your breath made my life.  Your son made that life everlasting.  His blood purifies my darkest sins.  His resurrection points the way to your home.  so Lord here I am.  I am yours to command, I will follow where you shall say.  My joy is in my servitude to your will.  My greater joy is the gift of your grace.  My greatest joy is the love you demonstrated when your heir was sacrificed two thousand years ago for me, and those who accept you.  I anxiously await the day when we will be reunited in your presence.  Amen, Amen, Amen.

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