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For The Love of God~April 15, 2005

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O great father your love has opened up my eyes.  You have ever loved me.  I have fallen lord.  I do love you lord but in my busyness I have forgotten you.  I have become cold.  Not only to you but to those around me.  Lord you loved me before I was ever on this earth.  Let me give back that love.  Let me be totally yours in everything I do.  In everything I say.  In everything I see.  In everything I think.  Lord  I want you back at the center of my very being.  Lord, I love  you not as a dutiful Christian.  But as a child loves their father.  Lord you are the father.  Only in you do my hopes rest.  Only in you do I believe.  You lord are the greatest.  You lord are  my reasoning.  I pour out all my trust into your hands.  Everything is yours lord.  What I do I do in your name and by your power.    You reward me for my faithfulness.  Your greatness is before me Lord.  In your rewards what do I give back.  Do I horde your gifts Lord.   Teach me to share every moment of every day.    I have always asked you to give to me.  What should I as your servant give in return.  Yea lord I give of my earnings but it has become a duty.  Help me lord.  Open my heart that it may be given out of love.  Cast out the evil that separates us Lord.  Cast it far away that I may be close to you once again.  I miss  you lord..  Without you I am nothing.  I have nothing.  You have poured your grace out for me.  Oh greatest of fathers hear my plea.  Your presence has been there for me.  Lord help me neigh Lord empower me through your will to make me be a witness.  I don’t feel complete without fulfilling your commands.  Bless my lips lord that I may speak your will.  Bless my ears Lord that might hear your will.  Bless my hands Lord that I may do your will.

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