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Captain Us

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Shout with joy unto the Lord.  Lift your hearts to the heavens.  Let the opening of our mouths be a pouring out of your spirit.  Empty us of our oldness of speech.  Renew in us the wisdom to follow you.  You Lord are all the truth we need.  Fill us up again with fresh love that your light may shine before us beckoning those that are lost.  Your word is a beacon.  A magnet of the soul.  Draw us near.  If a ship is adrift, captainless, do we not take strong ropes and fasten them to that ship so that it will not wander into dangerous waters; do we not haul it in to safe harbors?  Faith is our rope Lord, we are the ships.  You are the captain of retrieved vessels.  Let your spirit be the wind in our sails.  Sail us to safe waters oh Lord.  Bring the fleet home.

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