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Sermon 39 Romans 11 1-16 The hope for Israel concerning their pathetic present

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Bible Text: Romans 11:1-16, 10:18-21, 10:2-3, Matthew 15:9, 23:15

Subject: Hope

Title: The Hope For Israel Regarding Their Pathetic Present: Down But Not Out


Biblical Orientation:

When we were in chapters 1-8 we learned two things very clearly: one, the Jew and Gentile both have been condemned by their sin. As they are, without Christ, they have no hope whatsoever. Second, the way of salvation is open to all people. The person willing to place their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ will find forgiveness of sin, eternal life, and a place in heaven

Chapters 9, 10, 11 deal with Israel and her relationship with God; Paul describes Israel in her past, present, and future. We know according to chapter 9 that she has had a privileged past. No other nation has seen the hand of God in such a spectacular way. Chapter 10 describes the current position of Israel; all you have to do is watch the news to realize she has many problems. As we enter chapter 11, we will see that while Israel is down; she is not out. God has given her a promising future

Sermon Orientation:

To illustrate her current situation Paul tells the truth about her hope, he also exposes how she became the way she is and then reveals the opportunity of the Gentiles in this time



A. Is Israel Cast Away And Without Hope? V 1-2a

1. Verses 18-21 of chapter 10 paint a pretty grim picture and cause one to wonder

a. Paul had quoted the prophets regarding Israel

b. He spoke of the harshness of God’s judgment upon them

c. It almost sounds as if their disobedience has left them without hope

d. Anticipating this, Paul begins to reveal the truth regarding their position

2. Some will try to fool you

a. Some preachers try to teach God is through with the Jews

b. They will say that all of Israel’s promises now belong to the church

c. If God feels that way, why does God have Paul call the Jews “His people”?

3. Paul gives a simple, direct, and easy to understand answer

a. God forbid!

i. μη γενοιτο
ii. The strongest possible stating of it is not so!

b. Paul reminds the Romans (who knew about him) that he was also a Jews and it would mean that he was not saved if God was through with the Jews

c. God has in no way forsaken His people

d. How can He, it says that he “foreknew” them

4. When God gave all the promises to the Jews, He knew that they would act as they have

a. For that fact, when God sent His Son to die for your sins, He knew where you would be

b. God knew each of us would be heathen when He found us

c. Yet, His promise is always true!

B. It Has Seemed Before That Israel Was Without Hope v 2b-4

1. This reference is to Elijah on Mt. Carmel in 1 Kings 19

a. Elijah had stood up to Ahab and Jezebel, he thought he was the only one left that had not bowed his knees to a false god

i. There is a wonderful picture here: when you stand for God, it may seem you are alone
ii. Taking the right stand for God can be a lonely thing in an earthly way
iii. However, God did not let him think that very long, God reminded him there is always a remnant

b. When there is no earthly hope left, God has just the right plan

2. It does not look good for Israel at this time

a. They are constantly bombarded by the American Press

b. World leaders often seem against them

c. But God says…

C. A Remnant Is Left v 5-6

1. The remnant is those that are Jews and have trusted in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior

a. They have placed their faith that Jesus is God’s Son

b. They believe in Him for the forgiveness of sins

2. They have been preserved according to the election of God’s grace v 5

a. In the same way you and I have been saved; they also are saved

i. God has chosen His people to know Christ
ii. Some have accepted their election

b. They were there in Paul’s present time and ours as well

3. Their preservation depends on God’s grace not their good works v 6

a. Paul often alludes back to the fact that Jews believe they are saved by the keeping of the Law

b. However, it is not their works that save them or it would not be grace

c. Since God saves by grace, no work on our part is involved


Paul continues to quote frequently from the Old Testament. Here he quotes from Deuteronomy 29, Isaiah 29, Isaiah 53, and Psalm 69

A. Israel Is Blinded From Believing In Christ v 7-8

1. This reference is back to 10:2-3

a. Notice Paul calls them Israel, their spiritual name

b. The Israelites sought for righteousness through the Law

c. Their blindness was partly due to their leaders

ü Matthew 15:9 But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men
ü Matthew 23:15 Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves

2. The repetition of false doctrine blinded them

a. The word blinded is also used to say that the heart has become dull or hard

b. The repetition of lies has a great effect on a nation

i. It has greatly moved our own country away from the Lord
ii. Many in our country refuse to believe because those in the know, tell them that God does not exist
iii. They are blinded and hardened to the truth

c. Praise the Lord for the power of God’s Word and its ability to convert the hard hearted

B. They Are Slaves To Their Own Ways v 9-10

1. In the Bible, a table speaks of the blessings of God

a. It represents His provision

b. It represents God’s nourishment

2. The table of God was the interaction and promises of God to the nation of Israel

a. All of God’s goodness should have brought the Jews to the place they loved and trusted Him

b. God’s table should have been proof that Jesus is who He says He is

c. Praise God for the table of blessing we have

3. The scribes and Pharisees had convinced the Jews to follow their law and they would be saved

a. They convinced the people that the table of God was false and it became their downfall

b. They could no longer and most cannot see the truth

4. Notice the result of allowing yourself to be blinded

a. They are now bowed over in their back

i. It is a picture of slavery and toil
ii. The Jews have becomes slaves to that which blinded them: man’s ways

b. Now, for the most part, they cannot get out of the trap they have created for themselves

c. It is very similar to the trappings of wealth, fame, and power that the world teaches is success today

i. People fall for the lights and the glamour of Hollywood
ii. Yet, they do not see the truth of how a person becomes a slave to the world
iii. Overdoses, divorces, and lives out of control are the product of their blindness, hard hearts, and slavery


A. The Jews Are Down, But Not Totally Out v 11

1. They have stumbled and fallen, but it is not a permanent problem

2. Paul again says, God forbid

a. Their fall is a good thing for us Gentiles

b. We have the opportunity to have relationships with the Lord

c. We have the privilege of spreading the gospel

B. Paul Himself Is Trying To Provoke The Jews Through The Gentiles v 12-14

1. Paul’s writings in his epistles called upon the Jews to see the truth of their pathetic present

2. During this time God is dealing with us through His church

a. There is a purpose, the Jews, who are burdened by the Law and their tradition; might see the Gentiles and their blessings

b. God hopes they will see and turn to Him

C. Israel Sidelined Is A Blessing, But They Will Be More Of A Blessing When They Are Restored v 15-16

1. Since they have been temporarily cast away, the rest of the world has had the opportunity to be saved

2. The hope for Israel, Paul says they will be received by God again

a. It will be bringing the dead to life

b. A whole nation that is in sin will be revived

3. When will this happen?

a. When Jesus steps foot in Jerusalem as King of kings and Lord of lords

b. When He reigns on the earth

c. When eternity has begun for all His children

4. Paul refers to the firstfruit of a harvest, it was considered holy to the Lord

a. If the firstfruit is holy, the rest will be holy

b. Next, he will speak use an example of the wild olive branches


The Lesson To Be Learned Has To Do With Blindness And Slavery

1. The repetitious lies of the atheists and those that hate God have an effect on our nation

a. Many are being blinded, many are becoming slaves to their godless ways

b. The more freedom they have to spout their hate speech; the more that are hard hearted and bound

2. Why do we continue to spend our money to be a church?

a. Because the gospel saves!

b. Because Jesus changes lives!

c. Because Jesus will soften the hard heart!

d. Because God wants to bring us out of slavery!

3. The hope for Israel is the hope for all mankind

a. Remember who they are as you deal with people

b. Grace is the way to lead them to faith

4. You can help to lead them out of the darkness and into the light


Therefore, the future is up to us; we know the current situation regarding Israel and our own nation. The enemy is leading people from the light to darkness, but we have the opportunity to change the tide

There are times we may be down, but we are not out; ultimately, we win!

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