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The Wait is over 11-30-08 week one of advent 2008

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The Wait is Over!

November 30th, 2008

Luke 1:5-25

Week One of Advent 2008


I)        God made a promise.

A)     God had heard the prayers of His people. (Lk 1:13) (Is 65:24)

1)      God had heard the prayers of Zech, and the people- how fitting that the angel should say this while Zech is burning the incense.

B)      God had made a promise to send a messiah.

1)      Gen. 3:15

2)      Gen 49:10 – prophesied that the septer would not depart from Judah until the messiah comes.

3)      Isaiah 7:14- prophesied that the messiah would be born of a virgin.

4)      Isaiah 9:6 – prophesied that the messiah would be divine.

5)      Micah 5:12- prophesied that the messiah would be born in Bethlehem

6)      Malachi 4:5-6- prophesied that before the messiah would come that God would send a prophet like Elijah. (Lk 1:16-17)

7)      God alone has the power to back up what He said He would do.  1x1017 is the chances of eight coming true, 1 x 10125 is the chance of all 48 coming true in the life of Christ.

II)      God’s promise took place according to His timetable.  (v. 5-7)

A)     Zech and Elizabeth have gone all their life without hearing from God in the area of a child.  Why did God choose this time to answer their request? 

1)      The time was right. (Gal. 4:4)

(a)    Pax Romana

(b)   Lingua Franca

(c)    A system of roads.

2)      God desires that we would walk by faith trusting in His word. (Rom. 1:17, cf. Hab. 2:4- the righteous will live a life characterized by faith)

3)      When what God says will happen, happens then are faith is strengthened even more.

B)      God calls us to believe His word no matter what the circumstances may look like. (v. 18- How can this be?) (Where is Zech when this is said to him?)

1)      God is looking for those who will take Him at His word and believe Him.

(a)    A young peasant girl,

(b)   Shepherds

(c)    Foreigners

(d)   Anna

(e)   Simeon- He was waiting.

2)      Zech left the temple deaf and dumb- but he went and did what he was told. Elizabeth became pregnant- of course she did!

3)      Though it tarry wait for it. (Hab. 2:3)

III)    God ‘s future promise-

A)     Jesus said that He would come again.

1)      John 14:2-3 “I go to prepare a place for you…

2)      Acts 1:9-12- men of Galilee…

3)      1 Thes 4:16-18.

B)      Do we believe these promises? “Can I honestly believe them?”

1)      What are we doing while we wait?(Eph. 5:15-16)

C)      Are we ready for the return of Christ?

1)      Illustration: Ready every day

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