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Psalm 30

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A Psalm of Deliverance

Psalm 30


I have always enjoyed this Psalm

Like many Psalms it is a Psalm of praise and deliverance

Pulpit Commentary:

THIS psalm is one of thanksgiving from first to last, and commemorates a

deliverance from a great danger.

I.                   David is Praising the Lord for what He has done vv. 1-3

            Extol -

1.      God had lifted him up over his enemies v. 1

2.      God heard his cry v. 2

3.      God protected him from the pit of the grave v. 3

I don’t know what event David is referring to here but it is clear that God had delivered him from a serious situation.

Pastor Jimmy Davis:  “I like this psalm because I believe everyone here can identify with it; for God has done the same for you and I many times.
Often, when we consider God acting in our lives, we think of God in terms of working in extraordinary ways like working some miraculous healing in our lives.  Perhaps you have suffered from cancer, and God in His great mercy and kindness healed you.  Perhaps you have been in the deep pit of despair financially, and God lifted you up from the stress and worry your financial troubles brought to your life.  Perhaps you’ve had some trouble with a neighbor or a personal friend, and God helped you to mend the relationship.  Perhaps God has forgiven you of your sin, and now you can move forward in your life, knowing in your heart that you’ve been forgiven and cleansed.

II.                 David is praising God for who He is vv. 4-12

1.      Give thanks at the remembrance of His holy name:  God is set apart v. 4

This verse is a call to others to praise the Lord

David is praising for something God had done for him, yet he wants others to join in on the praise as well

2.      His anger is for a moment:  God is slow to anger and a God of great mercy and grace. V. 5a

3.      He is the giver of life for those in His favor v. 5b

      No one else can give life, all life is in the palm of God’s hand

4.      He is a God who can bring us through weeping and into joy v. 5c

5.      He is a God who gives strength and stability vv. 6-7

                        David had felt strong in his own prosperity, but suddenly he lost that

                                    1 Chron. 21:7-12 when David numbered his people

                        David then found the stability he needed in God’s strength

6.      He is a God who hears and helps vv. 8-10

7.      He is a God who changes our whole countenance v. 11

8.      He is a God who deserves our all of our praise v. 12

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