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Psalm 25

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Waiting on the Lord

Psalm 25



In this prayer David is waiting on the Lord for several things:

I.                   David is waiting on the Lord for victory vv. 1-3

More than like what David is waiting for is physical deliverance

What are some times in his life when he needed this?

1.      David lifted himself up to the Lord

1)      Lift up my soul:  Not a temporary thing by a permanent one

2)      He lifted up his soul in trust

2.      David’s requests from the Lord

1)      Let me not be ashamed

2)      Let not my enemy triumph over me

3.      David’s confidence in the Lord

1)      God is faithful to deliver

2)      God is faithful to judge rightly

II.                 David is waiting on the Lord for His guidance vv. 4-7

1.      David asks for God’s guidance

1)      Show me Your way

2)      Teach me your paths

3)      Lend me your truth and teach me

I believe that it is important to seek God’s guidance in every area of our lives

As I have said many times before, often what we call seeking guidance is really trying to get God and others to see things my way.

Left on our own, we will make the wrong choice every time. 

Often what blinds us most to the guidance of God is:

         Pride:  Unwillingness to listen

         Patience:  Unwillingness to wait on the Lord

2.      David’s basis for asking:

1)      God’s compassion

2)      God’s loving-kindness

3)      God’s mercy and forgiveness

God’s past mercies and kindness lays the ground for expectancy of more

They are from old:  God has been willing to provide His guidance from way back; therefore, He will continue to do so now as well.

III.              Why it makes sense for David to wait on the Lord vv. 8- 

Now turns from a prayer to a reflection on God’s ways

1.      Because God is good and upright vv. 8-9

1) He teaches sinners in the way

He will not abandon sinners — this is his “goodness;” but will reclaim them, chasten them, make them to walk in his way — this is his uprightness. (From the Pulpit Commentary)

2) He guides the humble in justice

3) He teaches the humble his way

The proud and perverse he will leave to their own devices, but the meek he will guide in the paths of righteousness…. (From Pulpit Commentary)

2.      The paths of the Lord are mercy and truth v. 10

All the paths of the Lord are filled with mercy and truth

Why would this cause David to wait on the Lord?

                  God will deal in truth and mercy with those who humble wait

Note the personal responsibility in this verse:

      Those who keep His covenant and His testimonies

IV.              What is David to do while he waits on the Lord?  Fear Him vv. 12-15

1.      It is the person who fears that Lord that He will teach His ways

      How does the Lord show us His ways?

                  *His Word

                  *His body

                  *His Spirit

2.      It is the person that fears the Lord that He will cause to prosper v. 13

      Prosperity in family was considered greatest blessing

3.      The secret of the Lord dwells on those who fear Him

Pulpit Commentary:

God favors those who fear him with secret and confidential communion. He “comes unto them, and makes his abode with them,” and “teaches them,” and enlightens them, and leads them in his way, and learns them, and “seals their instruction.” And he will show them his covenant; i.e. make them see the full force of it, since his “commandment is exceeding broad”

V.                What David has while he waits on the Lord v. 15


VI.              David finishes with a number of requests and the reasons that he is asking them vv. 16-22

1.      Turn to me and have mercy on me

      Why?  I am desolate and afflicted

2.      Bring me out of my distress

      Why?  The troubles of my heart have enlarged

3.      Look on my affliction and pain & forgive my sins

4.      Consider my enemies

      Why?  They are many and they really hate me (cruel hatred)

5.      Keep my soul and deliver me

      Why?  I trust in you

6.      Let uprightness and integrity preserve me

      Why?  I wait on you

7.      Redeem Israel

      Why?  They have troubles

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