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Psalm 20

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Psalm 20


David seems to write this Psalm before some large military expedition

Written to be recited by the priest and the people in the Tabernacle

Vv. 1-5 to be chanted by the people

V. 6 chanted by the priest

Vv. 7-9 Followed by the people

I.                   The People Bring their requests before the Lord in a united way (they chant this together) vv. 1-5

1.      “May the Lord answer you in the day of trouble” v. 1

1)      Implies that David had already prayed and sacrificed

               *Their king was a great example to them in this light

2)      Now the people are praying for their King

Scripture clearly teaches that we need to pray for our leaders

1 Timothy 2:1-3

Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men, 2for kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence. 3For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior….

The people here were praying for their leader in a time of going to war.  We need to continually pray for our President and military today as we continue in war!!

2.      “May the name of the God of Jacob defend you” v. 1

Name of God always represents all that God is

God of Jacob:  See Gen. 28:13-15

Represents God’s faithfulness of being with Jacob and fulfilling His promises!!

They ask for the same God who was faithful to Jacob to be faithful to David as he goes to war with his enemies!!

3.      “May He send you help from the sanctuary” v. 2

Pulpit Commentary:

“The sanctuary” here is undoubtedly the holy place which David had established on Mount Zion, and in which he had placed the ark of the covenant. God’s help was always regarded as coming especially from the place where he had “set his Name.”

Adam Clarke:

This was the place where God recorded his name; the place where he was to be sought, and the place where he manifested himself.

4.      “Strengthen you out of Zion” v. 2

They asked for God to be his strength

Did not look to his military might, etc. but to the strength of the Lord!!

Say that later in verse 7

5.      Remember your offering and accept your sacrifice v. 3

Offerings refers to a thanks offering given by David

Burnt sacrifice refers to offering for the atonement of sin

Interesting to me that David brought both offering to the Lord before he went to battle:

            *One giving thanks presumable for what God was going to do

*The other to deal with known sin that was in his life.  David recognized that if God was going to work that sin needed to be dealt with first.  We often miss that today!!

6.      “May He grant you according to your heart’s desire” v. 4

What do you think about that request?

David’s desire must have been God’s desire.

            Pure and right desire before the Lord

What are our desires?  Would we dare pray that God would fulfill all of our heart’s desires?

7.      “May He fulfill all of your purpose”

Goes right along with last one, to me lends a little more to one’s motive

Motive or purpose is what drives a person

Good at times to stop and consider what is our motive or purpose?

Lord is more concerned with our motive than anything else!!

Then see the people’s promise based on God doing these things v. 5

We will rejoice in YOUR salvation

            *They would give God the credit      

            *They would rejoice in Him

They are planning this with great confidence before saw deliverance

We will set up our banners:

            Think of first man on the moon setting up banner

Think of soldiers in Iraq tearing down Sadaam’s banners and putting up new ones

They would put up the banners of God for the world to see the victory that God had given them!!

II.                 The People Express their confidence in the Lord in a united way vv. 6-8

1.      I know that the Lord saves His anointed

David must have gone to battle with this confidence

He went as God’s anointed:  He was chosen by God and could carry out God’s wishes with confidence.

Again I believe that the David wrote these words before he went to battle.  He went with this great confidence.

It is great to know that we can pray and then move ahead with confidence.  I have prayed many times going into various situations and moved ahead knowing that God would work.  Example:  Seeing families that have lost loved ones, Funeral of police officer, etc.

2.      He will answer from His holy heaven

Interesting that in some of his Psalms David feels that God is far from him, yet here the Lord has yet to answer and David responds with confidence that He will

With His right hand:

Adam Clarke:

The Hand of God is his power, the Right hand, his almighty power; the Strength of his right hand, his almighty power in action; the Saving strength of his right hand, the miraculous effects wrought by his almighty power brought into action.

3.      He is worthy to be trusted in vv. 7-8

David had much he could trust in

         2 Samuel 24 David wanted to number the people

                     There he was trusting in numbers

Here David chose to trust in the Lord not his own might

The contrast v. 8

End with a final cry:  Save Lord!!  Answer us!!

Why do you suppose he ended this way?

                        Again I believe that it is a statement of confidence.

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