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Psalm 21

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Praise to the King

Psalms 21


This Psalm was written following the victory anticipated in Psalm 20

Vv. 1-7 A thanksgiving by the people on behalf of the king

Vv. 8-12 an address to the people to the king speaking of future success in battle

V. 13 a return to praise

I.                   The people give thanks to the Lord on behalf of their king vv. 1-7

It is significant that they praised the Lord before and after the victory

They were eager to praise the Lord

Today often people are not eager to praise as much as eager to get

When the Lord blesses so often we move on to wanting something else

*Almost like coming home to a freshly cleaned house and noticing one cob web on the wall.

1.      King will have joy in Your strength, O Lord

How joyful it is to see God’s strength and work on our behalf!!

            Saw with bear and lion

            Saw with Goliath

            Saw verses King Saul numerous times

“Shall have joy” has the idea of he has and will continue to joy in the Lord

How have we rejoiced in God’s strength?

2.      King will greatly rejoice in your salvation v. 1

Salvation anticipated in 20:5,6,9

This was a literal salvation from David’s enemy

I think that it is great that the people see David as rejoicing in God’s salvation.  How often do leaders like to take all the credit, here the people see David giving it to someone else!!

3.      You have given hearts desire and fulfilled request of his lips v. 2

We talked last week about our hearts desire and our motivation

What desires do we have that as of yet are unfulfilled?

Why are they unfulfilled?

            *God is making us wait

            *Our desire is not in line with His desire (selfish)

                        James 4 – We ask to consume in our own lusts

Verse ends with “Selah” some believe that there was a pause here to offer a thank offering.

4.      You have greatly blessed the King V. 3

Given him the desires of his heart, victory over the enemy, and a crown upon his head.

*I have to wonder if the crown did not again verify the Lord’s choosing of David.  That would give him the security to move ahead and lead the people knowing again that he was in God’s place.

I know myself that I need to be reminded of that from time to time.

5.      The Lord gave him life v. 4

Would seem to be much more than physical life:  David is not physically alive today

Would seem to refer to his posterity. 

            Messiah would come in his line

            Also David’s family would continue on the throne

That was part of the curse on King Saul because of his sin (son would not rule in his stead).

6.      The Lord lifted David up v. 5-6a

Pulpit Commentary:

“David’ s glory exceeds that of all other living men, through the “salvation” which God vouchsafes him.  That salvation is partly temporal, consisting in deliverance from his foes; partly of an unearthly and spiritual character, arising out of his relationship to the coming Messiah.”

The Lord’s blessing and glory was more on David than any other individual.  It was promised that the Messiah would come through him.  Obviously there were many that were in the line of Christ, but how many did the Lord make a promise to concerning it?

7.      The Lord made David glad in His presence v. 6b

He continually had God favor, protection, etc. on him

God was with him.  David must have rejoiced in this.

8.      David trusts in the Lord and that will not be moved v. 7

Idea is that nothing could shake that trust

What shakes the trust of people today?  What does it take to turn faith?

II.                 The people speak to the king of future battles vv. 8-12

As we have talked about many times, what the Lord has done needs to have a great impact on our decisions and actions as we move ahead.

The people here look at the recently completed battle and use it to encourage their king to move ahead.

1.      David would successfully find and punish his enemies v. 8

Half of the battle with any enemy is knowing who he is and how to go about dealing with him

David would be successful at this.

2.      David would be victorious over his enemies v. 9

Nothing would survive in the fire of an oven

               -Daniel’s friends

               -Why it was such a shock to the king

David’s enemies would not survive the fire of God’s wrath

3.      David would destroy their descendants v. 10

This was the ultimate in destruction     

Not even the descendants would survive to raise their ugly head

Destruction of enemy would be complete

Interesting that after the death of David, there was great peace in the land for Solomon to build the Temple

4.      David’s enemies would be helpless v. 11

            They would devise plots but not be able to carry them out

5.      David would be successful

III.              The return to praise v. 13

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