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Psalm 09

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Psalm 9


Like many of the Psalms David seemed to write this psalm when he had faced a crisis.

Ø      V. 5 rebuked, destroyed, blotted out

Ø      V. 15 The nations have sunk into a pit that they made.

Why do you think that many of David’s psalms were written either during or after crisis situations?

I have to think that it must have something to do with how open we are to the Lord during or immediately after a crisis.

I.                   A Declaration of David’s Praise vv. 1-2

1.      Praise with my whole heart

It is our duty to praise the Lord; let us perform it as a privilege."

What does it mean to praise the Lord with our whole heart?


1 Samuel 2:1-10

Ever notice when we are truly joyful that it involves our whole being

2.      Tell of Your marvelous works

This may mean one of two things, or maybe both

1)      He would share them with others.

               That is what David is doing with us

When we truly praise the Lord, it has to come forth to others.

Anytime we are happy/joyful about anything we feel the need to tell it to others.

Challenge to praise God to someone daily

2)      He would recall them in his mind

Sometimes it is good for us to stop and begin to recall all that we have to praise the Lord for.

I have talked in the past some about trying to pray from time to time and just praise with no requests. 

3.      Be glad and rejoice in you

Something about that statement just stands out in my mind.  “I will be glad in YOU”

I believe that David just enjoyed the presence of God. 

Best illustration that I can think of:  Just people we enjoy being around

4.      Sing Praise to Your name Most High

Name of God represents all that

Most high points to the fact that there is none greater!!

I have said this many times, but at this point I think of His creation

II.                 A Reason for David’s Praise

1.      The Lord has defeated his enemies vv. 3,5,6

V. 3 “When my enemies are turned back” = “because my enemies are….”

                        David had seen his enemies defeated

                        David could count his future enemies as having been turned

Commentator:  “The psalmist represents the enemy, poetically, “as if they had been thrown to the ground by the glance of God’s fiery countenance””

Vv. 5-6 God so took care of the enemies that David did not need to worry about them again.

Couldn’t help but think of our enemies:

Ø      Biggest enemy is dealing with Satan and sin.

o       God promised the final blow in Genesis 3

o       God dealt the blow on the cross/resurrection

o       Romans 6 describes our victory over sin

Ø      We have victory today over the enemy with the full armor of God described in Ephesians 6

2.      The Lord is forever. 

The enemies of the Lord will be defeated and remembered no more, in contrast, the Lord will be forever.

David’s idea again is that there is none great and that the Lord can be relied on forever.

3.      The Lord will execute judgment 7b

It will be a righteous judgment v. 8

               It is hard to find true righteous judgment today

               Watch some of the trial:  Involves $$ and right people

               Hard to consider much of it righteous judgment

               God doesn’t care who you know or what you have

               Small and Great, Kings and slaves will stand before

C.H. Spurgeon:
 “In this judgment tears will not prevail, prayers will not be heard, promises will not be admitted, repentance will be too late, and as far as riches, honorable titles, sceptres, and diadems, thes will profit much less; and the inquisition shall be so curious and diligent, that not one light thought nor one idle word (not repented of in the life past) shall be forgotten...Oh, how many which now sin with great
delight, yea even with greediness will then be astonished, ashamed, and silent!”

4.      The Lord is a refuge vv. 9-10

Psalms 144:1-2

1        Blessed be the LORD my Rock,

          Who trains my hands for war,

          And my fingers for battle—

2        My loving-kindness and my fortress,

          My high tower and my deliverer,

          My shield and the One in whom I take refuge,

          Who subdues my people under me.

Couple of hymns:  Many sing of God as our refuge.

       A Shelter in the Time of Storm

       Under His Wings

III.              A Rest to Praise the Lord v. 11

Almost as if David just stops mid thought and praises the Lord

He has shared his declaration of praise and some reasons to praise, now that he is thinking about it he stops to praise the Lord.

IV.              Resuming the reasons to praise the Lord vv. 12 +

1.      God is merciful vv. 12-13

He does not forget the cry of the humble

So what does David do?  He cries in humility for the Lord to help him v. 13

David’s desire in seeking God’s help is so that he might praise the Lord v. 14

How often do we just long to praise the Lord for something?

It is easy to look for reasons to complain or grumble, David is looking for a reason to praise!!

2.      The Lord is known by His works (judgment)

      His works (like creation) declare Him, His judgment declares Him.

      The work of the wick snares them or dooms them for judgment.

      Ungodly will be judged by their works

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