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Psalm 08

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Praise to the Lord

Psalms 8



Easy to see that this Psalm is one that lifts up the Lord in praise

One of main ideas is God’s condescending love and care for man

Object lesson:

Run a string from one side of the Church to the other.

This string represents eternity

Put a paper clip on the line to represent Adam/Eve

Put on another to represent Abraham, Moses, King David, Time of Jesus

Put on another to represent the time that we live in now

         From that hang a piece of paper with a tiny dot on it that represents us

Point out the fact that God is over all of this and yet He cares about us, the little dot in the time line.

I.                   David paints a picture of the greatness of God

1.      O LORD, our Lord

Ø      Jehovah Adoneynu; i.e. .“Jehovah, who art our sovereign Lord and Master.”

Ø      The idea is that He is above all, there is none greater than He

Ø      He is sovereign:  Over all, in charge of all.

2.      How excellent is your name in all the earth!

How glorious is your name.  There is none like it anywhere

3.      You have set your glory above the heavens

There is none higher or greater

He is the only one that exceeds both end of this rope representing eternity

4.      He is the one that can use whomever He desires to overcome the strongest of enemies.

Note verse 2:  He can give strength to babies and nursing infants to overcome any of His enemies

Two of the weakness, most helpless things.  Can do nothing for themselves

II.                 David paints a picture of the unworthiness of mankind

1.      Man is just a little dot in a humungous world

When I consider the heavens: 

David was a shepherd:  Many clear nights to lie on his back and look into the heavens.

I wonder if David laid and looked at the vastness of the universe and wondered how the Lord ever chose him to be king?

The work of your fingers

         To me that shows little effort by God to create the universe.

         He didn’t use the strength of His arms, just His fingers.

The moon and the stars which you have ordained

         Couldn’t help but think the Lord set each one in place

2.      You are mindful of man.

You are concerned about us!!

3.      You have given man a special place in creation, above all else!! Vv. 5-8

A little lower than the angels

Crowned with Glory and honor

Ruler over all of creation

III.              David paints a picture of God’s condescending to work on man’s behalf

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