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Someone I know very well was recently challenged to give to a Christian college. They met with the director of Development and thought, “Well, I know he’s going to ask for money, so here’s what I’m planning to do.” Now the number he picked out to give was respectable, but not really generous. He knew what he could affort to do, and he played it pretty safe with what he kept in mind.

Finally the day arrived and the Development Director sat down and began his presentation. The college was going into a building program and they were challenging their supporters to be generous. Finally, after the usual review the value of the school the worthiness of the cause, the Director said, “Mr and Mrs so and so, we’d like you to give (and he mentioned a very substantial figure for people of their income) over the next 5 years.

This guy was blown away. He couldn’t believe the audacity of this fundraiser in asking him, a man of average means, for that kind of money. To be honest, it kind of hurt his feelings. He refused to give an answer then, but promised to call the fundraiser back with an answer the next day.

He was inclined at first not to be involved. It sort of made him mad that he would even be asked to do such a thing. But as he thought and prayed, it hit him: “It’s not my money,” he thought, “it belongs to God. This will hurt, but I really can afford it. Besides why should I hold on riches now and lose them when I die, when I can send them ahead, multiply them, and keep them forever.” He called up the Development Director and said, “Sign me up!”

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