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Exodus 24 very unusual passage of scripture verse 17-18

Ex 24:17And to the eyes of the sons of Israel the appearance of the glory of the Lord was like a consuming fire on the mountain top. 18Moses entered the midst of the cloud as he went up to the mountain; and Moses was on the mountain forty days and forty nights.

Moses is on top of the mountain in consuming fire of the glory of God for 40 days. Can you imagine 40 days what would God say to Moses. It’s staggering to me what God would say to Moses after 40 days. Exodus 25 verse 2, what would God say to Moses after 40 days on top of a mountain surrounded by the glory of God? He says this:

I’m abbreviating it he says “tell the people to bring me an offering” this is the audible voice of God speaking to Moses on the mountain. Now look at verse 8 he says tell them to build a worship center, tell them to build a house of prayer in there generation, beloved God provided the children of Israel as they were delivered by God out of Egypt he gave them food free of charge right out of heaven called manna, he provided all the water, he provided everything they needed free of charge; he didn’t care about the money but when it came to building a worship center or what I would call a house of prayer, because globally God is building a house of prayer filled with glory under the leadership of Jesus Christ.

When it comes to building the House of Prayer, God says I don’t want to do it separated from them, I want partnership, I want there money, because I want there heart because I want partnership when I build the house of Prayer, I’ll give them there food ill give them there clothing, water free I don’t care about the money I want there heart.

Exodus 25 is the first building program in history initiated by the audible voice of God, and it was to build the House of prayer. And I do know that not only was the House of prayer the first building  program the House of prayer will be the final building program in natural history before the Lord returns. Haggai ch 2 verse 8 tell us Gods going to cause the shift of Gold the wealth of the nations to build the house of Prayer filled with glory, and it’s his final building program on the earth in history is the building of the house of prayer.

There’s a prayer movement going on, beloved do you believe that America can change do you believe that nations can change? What will it take to change a nation? I can assure you this, God will not do it apart from an anointed continual cry of prayer from the people of the nation that he intends to change.

He will do in concert and in unity with the prayer movement that emerges in the nations.

Can a committed minority change a nation under Jesus’ leadership? I say yes!

What will it cost? It will cost Time talent and treasure (three “T”).

Time: you must be involved in prayer meetings. it cost time.

Treasure: it will cost financially to build the house of prayer. When God told Israel I’ll give you your food for free your water for free your clothes for free. The food clothing and water are free but when it comes to the house of prayer, you must give your own money, because God wants the heart because this is about partnership in changing the earth.

The 3rd T talent: this will cost your talents, you will have to bring your gifting’s, your leadership gifting, your musical gifting your home-school gifting, I’m talking about all your gifting’s to build the house of prayer, because we will have all ages and all types of people involved in the prayer movement.

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