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Isaiah 56:7,The classic chapter the prophesize the end time prayer movement of the Holy Spirit. Is 56 is the classic chapter. Zach 8 is another one. Zach 12:10 especially talks about the power of God in the ministry of prayer at the end of the age.


Any way there’s going to be a worldwide prayer movement. The reason why this prayer ministry is so essential is there is an escalating war happing in the spirit realm. There will be more sickness more perversion more torment than any other time in history just vomiting out of hell an unholy explosion of demonic oppression demonic torment perversion of every kind imaginable, sin and bitterness false signs and wonders, and on and.


It’s an escalating warfare. Revelation 12: 7-17 talks all about it. A war is breaking out in the heavens it’s been going on since the beginning but it’s going to escalate. But God is raising up an preemptive strike by raising up the House of prayer before the explosion of evil. 


Beloved we are in the midst of a pioneer work right now in the earth. It hasn’t just been happening since 99 it’s been happing for years. God has been preparing his people in the back 40 just like Moses if you will for such a time as this.


But it’s coming to new levels of chroshindoe, which then opens up new levels. This cry for a prayer movement has been moving strong and building momentum but it’s going to break into new arenas in unprecedented ways.

Again it’s a preemptive strike, before the devil makes his great stand Gods going to have the intercessors trained in place, fascinated, lovesick and unified with one another before the plan of veil vomits out of hell in fullness. (Just as God’s spirit will be poured out in fullness so will the devils).


And that’s what many of your lives are about. The problem with so many of you in this room and with me is that you your called to be bona fide end time intercessors, your called to be Anna in the temple male or female your Anna’s called at the end of the age. Your Mary of Bethany’s, many of you men and women you just want to worship and change the atmosphere that your in, Gods restoring the Anna’s.


 Men and women old and young it’s an anointing it transcends gender and age. The Anna anointing is a night and day in the temple, night and day in prayer and fasting until the birthing of Gods purpose in this generation.


He’s raising up the Anna’s and Mary’s. He’s raising up those men like David and John, Elijah and so on. And the problem is that for many of you that’s were you fit most. And because that position in the body of Christ has not been identified, called fourth and set in its place.


 We have Anna’s and Mary of Bethany’s men and women old and young trying to fit square pegs in round holes and every ministry possible and they can do it a little bit, but it only last so long and then the grown begins again; “this isn’t exactly were I fit.


And the Lord has prepared you for SUCH A TIME AS THIS. The Anna’s and Mary of Bethany’s are coming fourth. Theirs an end time prayer ministry it’s a preemptive strike, it’s essential it will change the course of human life if we answer it or if we don’t answer it. But I’ve got good news I’ve read the word we will answer it! We will answer it!


One of the most encouraging verse to me is the verse in Revelation chapter 5:8 where the bowls of prayer; guess what there full! The bowls are full at the end of the age there not empty. God will see to it that the bowls of prayer will be full the bowl of prayer will be full in Chicago, Kansas, Colorado Springs, and every where They will be full all over the earth! Jerusalem the 10/40 window. IT’S ALL READY RECORDED HERE IN THE BOOK OF REV.


This thing works, people like you and I, we find it, we answer the call, and we enter into a grace of God. We will not be doing square peg round hole any more. Gods making a place, a place of honor, setting “watchmen Is 62:6, you know the passage theirs a divine setting, he’s setting “watchmen” he’s setting them in there place.


What do I mean by setting when God sets the watchman the Is 62:6 its worshiping intercessors is the context there watch men are also prophets of course it’s all one flow in the spirit any way.


The worshiping intercessors are being sent and this is what I mean about being “set” Gods causing it to make since to them that this is what there supposed to do, as there primary ministry in there life.


 When it connects with you that this is your primary calling you are a set watchman that’s what he’s talking about, when the Lord sets the watchman it’s that time in your life when you say, “ This is what I’m about” you are now “set”. It’s easy to find the place, IT’S THE SETTING OF THE HEART THAT IS THE GREATER MIRACLE.


Back in 1995 it connected with me that “this is who I am”. Let me tell you who you are you “are a set watchman”. You’re a Anna or a Mary of Bethany a David, a John. Waiting to come into your full expression. That’s what’s going on. That’s what Is. 56 is about.


Theirs so many dimensions of the prayer ministry, theirs so many radical key principle here in Is 56 related to the end time prayer ministry. But because of time were going to skip them and look at one; verse 7. This chapter is loaded with information about the end time prayer ministry, any way verse 7, second line

Verse 7, I’ll make them joyful in the house of Prayer”. Take the word joyful, put a different word; “I will cause them to enjoy prayer, I will make prayer enjoyable that’s what it’s talking about.


At the end of the age the prayer ministry will be different “enjoyable prayer” it’s a total new paradigm of prayer “enjoyable” “refreshing” “easy prayer” imagine prayer that is easy for human beings to do.


 do you know what happens when prayer is enjoyable and easy, it’s user friendly for human beings?

What’s going to happen is there going to do it night and day 24/7 all over the earth. That is exactly what’s going to happen. You see God’s the author of the human spirit, he said, there never going to do it if they don’t enjoy it.


Gods is loosing a prophetic spirit with the music and worship and intercessors and the prophetic singers are all one big happy family feasting in the presence of the beauty of God. He’s going to make prayer enjoyable and easy. It has to be easy because it’s going to go night and day.


This thing really is croshindoing at the end of the age if you read the context. It’s been happing a little bit through out church history but it come to a crashing crowshindo that the whole earth will be shaken by the power of what happens in these chapters in Is 56 62 Is 62:6 says it again it’s going to be night and day.


It has to be night and day, the reason it has to be night and day is several reasons; again Rev 12;10 the devil is accusing, I’m going to make this really personal, because I’m so possessed by this the Devil is accusing this city night and day, and God says “I will answer the accusation, they will agree with me and my glory night and day in “Chicago land area” The accusations night and day Rev 12:10. (the devil accuses us on the things we are not doing…)

God says I have an answer for that, Voluntary worshiping intercessors and signers musicians agreeing with my glory, night and day as voluntary lovers on the earth.


Then my justice with come swiftly Luke 18:

 now, will not God bring about justice for His elect who cry to Him day and night, and will He delay long over them? 8“I tell you that He will bring about justice for them quickly. However, when the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?” 

The other reason we have to do it night and day is because the angels do it night and day and there servants and we are the Bride. It’s like the Lord is saying “Im not going to have the servants who are in the house more devoted to me than my Son’s bride.

 Now in the eternal city, the cherubim and seraphim and all the exalted arc angels etc. when they come before God they say things like this: To him who was and is and is to come. When they come before the Lord they say Holy Holy Holy and they bow down, when they address him who sits upon the throne they address him in very formal and awesome and reverent titles.


They are never allowed to call Him father never. And they don’t have the revelation and the experience of the first person of the trinity as their father. The angels serve at a distance in terms of intimacy, they serve from a legal position before the Lord. But Jesus said to believers upon the earth; when you pray, (this was unthinkable) you say our father who art in heaven.


And Gods going to have a people on the earth night and day what happens around the throne in the heavenly symphony, Rev 4 and 5.


Back in Is 62 It’s interesting verse 6 “night and day” verse 5 is the revelation of the bride and the bridal revelation, the bridal paradigm of the kingdom (which is a massive subject) in verse 5 is not an accident that it’s right before verse 6. Because the bridal paradigm of the fascinated love sick worshiper of verse 5 is the energized intercessor of verse 6. That goes night and day in joy. That was just a little touch again vast subject.


Is 62:1-5 bridal paradigm (I delight in you same as SOS 8:6)  verse 7-8 prayer movement 10-13 is forerunner spirit ( Is 62:1-5 is critical to night and day prayer of verse 6-7 which is critical to the forerunner ministry of verse 10-12-- work backwards—you’ll never get them in the forerunner ministry without the night and day prayer of 6-7 and you will never do that without verses 1-5 the bridal paradigm.)



The point I want too focus on is night and day.

Theirs a immutable law of the kingdom, an unchangeable law, can’t change cannot change, Jesus declared it in Luke 18:1-18, most of you know it I’m just going to highlight it.


I just want to give you a couple of key points to awaken your hunger because it takes hours it’s a fascinating subject. (Ah your using there stuff no the Lords using it and using you).

My desire is to fill this area and where ever else I go to not with our ideas but with conviction, this is the hour to rise up in the glory and beauty of God, to do this with abandonment.

Luke 18: looking at he night and day, the immutable principle. Luke 18 verse 1.  Jesus taught a parable that men ought always to pray and not loose heart, I like the version that say’s men should always pray and not faint.


Let me tell you something theirs a fainting spirit on the church right now related to prayer. It’s been around for centuries, it’s lifted every now and then in seasons of revival, but God is going to remove the fainting, loosing heart spirit related too prayer in the church, he’s going to do that.

Most churches in are nations do not have a prayer ministry but they will. This is not a time to rebuke them God’s going to woe them allure them into the goodness of himself.



 We can allure them Hosea 2:14 The Lord says in those days I’m going to allure, them into the wilderness, I’m going to woo them I’m going to romance them into the deep things of who I am”.


This fainting spirit is going away, we are not going to have to hope and hang on and rebuke everybody.

All we have to do is do it in abandonment, it will catch on,  the ground swell of people that are wanting to enter into this is world wide.  


I believe there will be multitude and multitudes of people on a global scale that will be involved in some level of capacity some application of the harp and bowl night and day prayer model.


This thing has a life of it’s own, it’s been born in the heart of the eternal intercessor God himself is going to see to it. The fainting spirit is going to go away. All we have to do is do it and grow in it and they will come out of the woodwork (Field of dreams). 


No more of the rock pile just slugging it out one by one, basically people closing there eyes and preaching sermons to God, any way it was the rock pile. The rock pile prayer model; little warm up music while the people begin to trickle in late the (other 4 people).


Then we just kind of slugged it out for the next hour kind of venting our frustrations about how wicked everything is with an angry spirit preaching our best sermon that nobody else in the room likes. That’s what I mean by the rock pile prayer model.


As we begin to enter into the harp and bowl model again we are embryonic or model will not be thee model there maybe a 100 different versions of it yet to be birthed.


Were not claiming anything big but what we are doing is precious to God but the maturity of it is little ruff and ugly. Were just starting but were doing it, I don’t want to over state it it’s little it’s ruff and it’s ugly but it’s glorious to the Lord.

We may have some praying season were you come in feeling bad and leaving feeling horrible, but not all of them, and more and more of them will becoming the other way, this little baby will grow and it will be beautiful because it already is to God right now.


I want you to know it’s tuff right now, so when you come I don’t want anybody to go “This is what there doing” I want to under sell it not over sell it, because if we over sell this thing you’ll get disillusioned and give upon it.


We need to be in total reality about this stuff. There will be increasing, tremendous touches of the glory of God as we progress in this. 


But any way this way verses the old rock pile is a far cry better.

The answer to the fainting spirit is ENJOYABLE PRAYER, fun prayer easy prayer, those that have been at the harp and bowl know how easy it’s been to pray 2 hours intercede for 1 to 2 hours it just goes right by.


The fainting spirit is leaving, it’s not leaving over night but it’s progressive it’s getting weaker and weaker and more and more God’s people are beginning to be wakened.


These houses of prayer that were talking about are not the fullness, the houses of prayer are the catalyst for the anointing of prayer coming upon all the saints.


You see the house of prayer in Isaiah 56 is not a 200 seat building or a 2000 seat building down the road with worship teams that’s not the house of prayer. The house of prayer is an anointing of enjoyable prayer on all the believers in the earth world wide when the Lord comes.


The house of prayer is the church, but God’s using these little ministries as catalyst to release refreshing, power and authority upon the churches.

The days are coming when we will be in the stadiums, we will be in stadiums doing harp and bowl just like some instances in scripture were the were on either side of each other and doing the “antiphonal singing back and forth” and some cases through out church history.


 But doing harp and bowl model in maturity in unity with the heavenly symphony, and the power of God in signs and wonder and the church of 100.000 will be there at a time. But these other prayer houses are catalysts to the anointing of prayer coming upon all whole church worldwide.

We do not want to come to a place and say were it because if we do we are undermining the very thing we are laboring for.


Were only a catalyst, we can’t afford to get this angry adversarial spirit towards the area churches, and a lot of intercessors do and a lot of prophets do as well.


Because it’s all about the church, and Gods bringing this thing in as a catalyst in order that his church in the earth would enter into authority in power and the fainting spirit would be gone. Paul describes in Eph that the church will be nourished and cherished by the life of Christ Jesus.

 OK going back to night and day, verse 7 and 8; you can read it on your own here’s the point. Jesus gives the answer; night and day there it is, he says when it’s night and day “justice” will break fourth speedily in the earth, vengeance against the wickedness.


Here’s the point, very important point because it goes with Is 62. When it becomes night and day in the city justice will come shortly after in that geographic area, its an immutable law it can not be stopped.


When God gives the night and day in the spirit of the tabernacle of David, it will explode it can not be contained, when the musicians and intercessors are set in place by the head watchman himself the intercessor Jesus.

That’s what going to happen in cities all across the earth.

So many of us have cried out for the fullness of God to come the power demonstration to come “when oh Lord when?” but the fullness of the spirit comes only when theirs night and day prayer in the cities.


Therefore we cannot get mad at God for not pouring fourth the fullness of the spirit when the conditions have not been met. Night and day on earth as it is in heaven, God keeps his word.


What we need to do is, to get so hungry so ravished so sick about this thing (let alone like the widow women here in Luke 18). That we’re praying for the night and day thing to be loosed, because when it’s loosed t-10, t-9, …543, It will break fourth in that geographic area.


  But it won’t stop there when night and day prayer goes up in history I tell you the church and anointing of power the lost come in and missionaries are thrust as flaming arrows to the ends of the earth out of that city.

I want to see soldier field filled

I want to see it go all day all night, listen when that happens and the singers are in place the intercessors the preachers, they will preach sing, pray worship and nobody will quit know who gave the sermon. (Examples of miracles)

I’m not hyping you, I’m speaking sober reality to you, this is sober reality. This is not hype stuff. I’m not giving my life to hype stuff. This thing is so real that the other version is going to seem like you were living in a “matrix”.


The business as usual everybody falling asleep except for a few moments here and there that grabs our attention this is now how this thing is ending. And you all are radically important to it ending the other way.


Square pegs in round holes your finding your place, “Anna’s come fourth Mary of Bethany’s come fourth night and day at the feet of Jesus.


The immutable law of verse 7 and 8 it can’t be stopped, you can’t stop the Great harvest coming, you can’t stop the church becoming unified, you can’t stop the Multitudes of missionaries, it just can’t stop once this things in motion.


OK, let’s look at the tabernacle of David for a moment. What does that mean any way? Let’s look at Rev. 4&5 it’s one section of scripture that could be titled the heavenly symphony or the beauty realm of God.

 It’s were Gods being ministered to the way he wants to be ministered to in spirit and truth. Now John the Apostle 98 AD peered into that and went “my goodness look at that” I mean he was stunned. You want to be ministered…

A harp a bowl all these songs, every single word in those songs, those hymns there titles of books in the heavenly library they are so significant.

We need to go deep in the hymns of revelation,

Theirs three parts of scripture the Apostolic prayers, those are the prayers that burn in God’s heart, those are the prayers that God gave the apostles and said, “ My heart burns with these ideas, you bring those ideas back to me I promise you I’ll answer them”.


Those ideas have already been co signed in heaven, there waiting to be co-signed from a voluntary bride here on earth, there guaranteed.

Hymns of revelation and the thing that were going to get into later as we mature in this is the Davidic Psalms.

hymns of revelation/ apostoclic prayers/ and the Davidic  Psalms


Those are the 3 portions of scripture we want to go deep, deep. I tell you these things have a life to them selves, that will go on and on you will not get board. You could do these hymns forever, as you will. They unfold and unlock our hearts and realms of God unfold with the same phrases.


Anyway, John sees the beauty realm, and is absolutely stunned by what he sees. Now what John saw David saw a 1000 years earlier, I don’t know if they saw the exact vision, but they did see that realm.

David sees the realm of God where God is worshiped in spirit and truth with the harp and bowl.

David comes to the guys and basically says this (tell story ark with no veil we will put singers as a human veil in front of the ark with the glory of the lord resting on the ARK.. no we have to put a veil in front of the ARK it’s been 500 yrs since Moses we’ve been doing this for 500 yrs we have to have a veil…

David says “yes we can” because in heaven they have singers around the shikina glory and that’s what were going to do on the earth.


Beloved ‘on earth as it is in heaven the lords prayer (matt 6:10) what we want is the power on earth to raise the dead like it is in heaven but it’s first worship on earth as it is in heaven and then the power. It’s a priestly ministry on earth as it is in heaven then it’s a kingly apostolic ministry. We want the kingly apostolic we want the stadiums filled we want the power of heaven the kingly anointing on earth as it is in heaven and the Lord says “yes” but I want the priestly worship intercession on earth as it is in heaven first, then the power.


And that’s what the lords doing and that’s what david did. Again david gets 288 singers that’s 12 times 24 they go night and day he gets 4000 musican (I don’t mean all at the same time, he puts them in orders and ranks them they go night and day and David puts a human veil around the glory made up of voluntary lovers telling God who he is agreeing with God. And  David says that’s what they do in heaven. The TOD begain as a prestly ministry (find 2 priest no house…..) Psalm 27:4 “one thing…


Can you picture david going into a tent; the ark of the coveanant the glory of god the singers and musicians Asaph heemen and jedutha, chin-n- nighah these main singers are all there going “woo” or something. What an anointed atmosphere an David writes Psalm 27 oh the fragrance the power, the colores the brightness. So when david writes “to gaze upon the beauty of the lord I mean who wouldn’t the shikina glory in your back yard you would do that all day to.

David loved this more than anything, David would go in as a priest; I love you I love I love you (he’s a worsiping priest) then he would inquire he would ask for divine wisdom he would ask for strategies; who what when where. And david went out a s a victorious warring king, and he defeated the enemies of the Lord as a king. Then he would come back in to get healed and refreashed and invigorated; I love you….. looking at the beauty then he would inquire and then go back out as a king defeat another nation, all the enemies of God were defeated in David’s generation. Beloved that’s the picture.


Again the TOD was mostly priestly but it resulted in kingly power over the enemies of God.


So as we noted last week some time go’s by and the TOD falls into ruins

And only 7 kings pick up the TOD reality and only then for just a short period of time. Now Amos 911 comes along after 500 yrs of the TOD falling into ruins

Out of all the things that would fall into ruins the shikina glory the anointed singers power of god and favor resting on the nation how could that fall into ruins? And the nation was desimated.

Amos 911 says “in that day” Hes talking about the beginning of the early Church initially  but in it’s fullness it’s talking about the generation the Lord returns. Again it begins in the early church just in part but it has its fullness at the end of the age. “in that day I will build up the TOD” (first building program and the last) Acts 15:16 the apostle James quotes it.

And the nations will be saved is the essence. The nations will get saved when the priestly ministry is according to the TOD when the cities of the earth are worshiping on earth as it is in heaven then the kingly apostolic power will come on the church and go into the stadiums of the earth in power. God said in Amos and in acts 15 “I will build it”.

Beloved we are in the days that God is re-establishing the fallen TOD.

Amen (stop here)


1st chron 25 is all about he prophetic spirit on the singers and musicians that looses the power on the intercessors and upon the kingly ministries.

I’m telling you the truth intercession the bowl without the harp is work.


Next part is about the 7 kings that waited for crises like we did.

Then the stories of Patrick and Bangor

Valley of angles (stories from gumgull, colin bonis, Bernard of clarviox 11?? to zinzindorf 1722 mordern history; paul yonge cho at first no one showed then 10,0000 his church night  and day for 30 yrs 10,000 at a time healing has broke out here and there. 
























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