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The Things that are Not

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Normally, God uses a small minority to accomplish His purposes

The Jewish population of Israel is 1/10 of 1% of the world population; there is a small minority of followers of Messiah Jesus attached to Israel

Sometimes God does things that all the world sees: i.e., the Exodus (Joshua 2:8-11), Six-Day War

Another large-scale intervention is coming; but typically, God works in the small scale. "God is subtle." -- Albert Einstein

This present life is a test. 70-80 years (120 max) -- will we humble ourselves and call on the name of the Lord? Or, will we continue to pursue our own interests?

There are two main principalities:

1. The KOG

2. The "Prince of Darkness" -- the quest for globalism (who voted for that?); when you serve this god, unwittingly, you are being maneuvered into an opposition against the God of Israel

On the international level, there is a cut-throated pursuit for power; but is is not to be so among us (Mat 20.25-28)

Man is at his best when he is humble; at his worst when arrogant and powerful. 

We are eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil -- we have looked at ourselves as the center; as the provider; God is rooting for us to choose the right tree, but He will not dominate us in order that we do so.

The faithful in YeShA -- .001% of the population. What is the difference between them and us?

They have responded to the living Word of God but NOT associated a name with that Word.

We have heard from the living Word of God AND associated a name (יהושׁוע) with that Word.

We are a minority and we cannot see our brothers who are working with us throughout the World.

הר מגידו -- Armegeddon will occur when the power of this world believes itself strong enough to get rid of this tiny minority that keeps confronting them with the Holy One of Israel.

Islam is integrated into the world power of dominance; President Bush became an advocate for Islam after 9/11.

Satan's plan is to destroy the vessel through which the Holy One of Israel has declared that He will operate. There is no logical reason - no natural resources of merit in Israel -- that the nations of the world would pay any attention to her; yet they are focused on her because that is the focus of Satan. So we find Israel in the newspaper every day.

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