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We, as Republicans, believe government derives its power from the governed and can only govern with their consent.

We strongly believe that the principles of individual liberty, personal responsibility, equal opportunity, compassion and rule of law distinguish us as Republicans and as Americans. These principles, when applied faithfully in accordance with the U.S. Constitution given to us by our Founding Fathers, will unite us in preserving our American liberty and freedom.

Therefore, be it resolved that the following platform principles be adopted as principles upon which we agree.


Believing that the power to tax a people is the power to enslave a people, Republicans support principles that would create jobs, strengthen the free enterprise system, encourage entrepreneurs, protect our economic base while lowering taxes, and promote a conservative fiscal policy.

1.1 We support the elimination of all inheritance/death, and capital gains taxes

1.2 We support the continued reduction of the federal income tax

1.3 We support the goal of implementing a flat tax

1.4 We support removal of all direct and indirect Marriage Penalties from the tax code

1.5 We support maintaining a supermajority for excess levies and bonds issues and require that a balanced voters' guide be provided.

1.6 We oppose unfunded mandates at any level of government, including Public education. A local jurisdiction's ability to bear the cost of state action must be considered and State funds provided if these actions place an undue hardship on the city or county.

1.7 We oppose the use of local levies and bonds to fund state-mandated Education programs

1.8 We support a person's right to freely join a union, while opposing compulsory unionism as a condition of employment

1.9 We oppose the use of union dues for political purposes without prior consent of the union member

1.10 We support the reduction of regulation in existing and new business, which will minimize the need for the social safety net, and encourage competitive free enterprise and opportunities for living-wage jobs

1.11 We support policies that foster the emergence of clean, environmentally efficient, technology-driven business

1.12 We oppose any form of state income tax

1.13 We insist on property tax relief

1.14 We support a reduction in all state sales and excise taxes

1.15 No means of communication should be taxed, including Internet use. We support the elimination of all communication taxes

1.16 In the event of State budget surpluses, we would support priority funding for bridges and highways in areas where military installations are located

1.17 We oppose additional utility taxes and fees levied against property owners. Such problems should be addressed within the existing revenue base provided to local government for road and transportation funding

1.18 We oppose taxpayer funding of abortion

1.19 We oppose taxpayer funding of forced sterilization and eugenics programs

1.20 We oppose taxpayer funding of cloning and embryonic stem cell research

1.21 We support legislation that would hold responsible all businesses, corporation and governmental agencies that hire illegal aliens

1.22 Believing that American consumer will purchase American-grown produce, if they are advised where the produce is grown, we support recent attempts by Congress to mandate 'Country of Origin' labeling for all produce

1.23 We support a balanced budget at all levels of government

1.24 We urge Congress to make the President's tax cuts permanent

1.25 We support reforms in the Social Security system that include provisions for gradual privatization, allowing for FICA withholdings of the people of the United States to be placed in a privatized investment of their choice

1.26 We oppose the taxation of Social Security benefits by the IRS

1.27 We strongly oppose the imposition of taxes by any foreign power, including, but not limited to, the United Nations, upon American citizens residing within the United States and its territories


Believing that the primary goal of the United States government is to protect the citizens of the United States, and recognizing our role in affirming freedom-loving countries internationally, we support the office of Homeland Security. We also recognize the problems that living in an open society now pose upon us as a nation as we seek to make ourselves more secure. Immigration policies are changing to reflect the need for greater security, economically and militarily, while also reflecting the humanity upon which America bases its best ideals of 'life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness', not only for American citizens, but others seeking democracy, freedom and opportunity.

2.1 We support controlling our borders to eliminate illegal immigrants and oppose blanket amnesty for those who have entered our borders by illegal means.

2.2 We support stronger control and security of our borders, ports, airports, trains, and other means of mass transportation, as well as greater security for our nuclear plants, mass communications, and food production, and water storage systems

2.3 We encourage greater coordinated efforts on the part of local police, emergency providers, National Guard, and state military, and the Federal agencies so that clear and decisive actions may be taken when necessary

2.4 As a matter of security and continuity, we support American English as the language of official communications both verbal and written

2.5 Guest worker programs should link efforts to control our borders through agreements with countries who nationally participate in the program. We would support only those programs that enhance the ongoing efforts of homeland security.

2.6 We oppose accepting the ID from other nations for entry to the U.S., but insist that undocumented aliens be registered and get appropriate ID's from our offices of Homeland Security or their agencies

2.7 We support guest worker programs that do not connect participation with a green card or citizenship. However, participation should not preclude a person from obtaining green card status through existing legal means.

2.8 We would oppose undocumented or illegal aliens from gaining any advantage over those who are working toward citizenship having already followed our immigration rules and process.

2.9 We support the deportation of illegal aliens who have committed a crime here in the United States, after they have been convicted and served their appropriate sentences, whether they are documented or undocumented. The cost of imprisoning or caring for illegal aliens who commit crimes in the United States, while awaiting deportation, should be passed on to the government of the alien's 'Country of Origin' rather than to the American taxpayer

2.10 We oppose the spending of the U.S. taxpayer's revenue for free social services, and education for guest workers and families. There should be financial guidelines in place for guest workers' contributions to tax-paid services if they are going to derive a benefit from them

2.11 We would support guest workers having access to driver's licenses provided there is proof of auto insurance, and provided that a driver's license is not considered proof of citizenship and is clearly labeled "Resident Alien"

2.12 We encourage the adoption of a Constitutional amendment that affirms that children born of a parent who is a U.S. citizen, or of a parent residing legally in the U.S., and only those children, shall be considered automatic citizens of the U.S.

2.13 We support that all jurisdictions must be held accountable for not following existing laws and regulations. Employers who knowingly employ illegal immigrants must also be held accountable

2.14 We support the current use of state troopers to inspect vehicles using the Washington State ferry system, recognizing the need to protect ourselves from the current terrorist threat


Republicans support programs that make health care more reliable and affordable. We do not support a universal governmental system. We support leadership that seeks remedies to spiraling drug prices, the loss of doctors and community-based clinics, and our need for affordable insurance providers. The Republican Party has earned distinction as the Party that supports sanctity of life, from the unborn to the aged. We will continue to support at the local, state and federal levels of government, those policies and programs that support that sanctity of life.

3.1 We endorse the concept of Medical Savings accounts which allows for individual choice, portability of funds, and the retention of funds by the individual owner should those funds remain unused for extended periods of time

3.2 We support the elimination of all prohibitions against Medicare patients seeking private medical/health care and allow for more private care choices

3.3 We support reforming Medicaid/Medicare programs to eliminate fraud

3.4 We support the encouragement of private carriers to re-instate coverage options to individuals and small businesses

3.5 We support private enterprise solutions to the health care problems of Washington state, and oppose governmental takeover of our healthcare systems

3.6 We support broad-based funding policies that will enable clinics to return to Island County and provide more accessible health care to the citizens

3.7 We support measures to protect innocent human life from conception to natural death. Abortion and other invasive non-emergency medical procedures should not be available to minors without parental approval. Partial-birth abortion is infanticide and should be outlawed.

3.8 We support treating HIV as a public health concern, and treat AIDS as we do any other deadly communicable disease

3.9 We call for a ban in human cloning and embryonic stem cell research, while applauding the research being done with adult stem cells

3.10 We support medical malpractice reform that lowers damages on pain and suffering, and allows doctors to pay for premiums without driving up the cost of health care for all, or forcing doctors out of the health care profession

3.11 We support Medical malpractice control boards that remove doctors from the profession, and public notification of such removal, for doctors deemed incompetent or medically dangerous


On September 11th, 2001, our nation was attacked by an enemy who had declared war on us. We believe one of the fundamental roles of government is the security and defense of its people. During the prior administration from 1992-2000, after repeated attacks on the United States (World Trade Center 1993) and the USS Cole, our lack of immediate and decisive response contributed to the events of September 11. We believe that Iraq did possess weapons of mass destruction and supported terrorism, and as such posed a serious threat to the stability of the Middle East, the United States and the world. We fully support the efforts of President Bush to remove the Taliban from Afghanistan, and the destruction of Al Qaeda and the removal of Saddam Hussein from power. We also support our men and women in uniform, their mission and appreciate the sacrifices they make to ensure our freedom.

4.1 We support strengthening the research and development capabilities of the U.S. Military and NASA

4.2 We encourage our government to participate only in those United Nations programs and services approved by the U.S. and paid for proportionally; and our contribution of armed forces for peace-keeping should be as part of our dues payment.

4.3 We support nullifying all treaties which impair our ability to defend against incoming missiles or other weapons of mass destruction, while supporting the continued research and development of land, sea, and satellite-based anti-missile defense systems

4.4 We support the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, without reservation, as a right of individuals to keep and bear arms to defend their families and their homes

4.5 We would oppose relations with the United Nations that would strike or nullify any part of our 'US Constitution' or the 'Bill of Rights'.

4.6 We support maintaining the sovereignty of our nation by insisting that our armed forces be under the ultimate command of US Military commanders at all times.

4.7 We believe all nations supporting and participating in terrorism should be treated equally

4.8 We strongly assert the sovereignty and control of the United States over U.S. territorial waters


A rigorous, well-balanced education is a key to equal protection in the United States. Republicans will therefore support reforms that strengthen public, private, home-based, and faith-based education.

5.1 We support the return of public education to local and community control

5.2 We support the reduction and reliance upon property taxes as a means of funding public education

5.3 We insist that all revenue from the Washington State Lottery system be dedicated to the funding of education as was the Lottery's original function

5.4 Recognizing that empowering parents with choice offers the greatest opportunity for our children in education, we urge the President and Congress to allow our tax dollars to follow the child to the education choice of every parent, whether that choice be public, private, faith-based or home school education.

5.5 We support the rights of parents to home-school their children without any government interference.

5.6 Abstinence should be offered in all curriculums covering AIDS/HIV or sexual activity. Abstinence and fidelity is the only 100% effective practice for avoiding STD's.

5.7 We support English as the primary and first language that should be taught in American schools

5.8 We do encourage learning foreign languages to better enable Americans to compete in a global community, while discouraging the placing of foreign language speakers into bilingual education programs that do not make English-language proficiency a goal

5.9 We support high standards for educational results and measurable accountability for students and professional educators and support national minimum standards such as the No Child Left Behind Act

5.10 We support full disclosure concerning taxpayer-paid educational funding at all levels of the educational system

5.11 We support the displaying and teaching of the Declaration of Independence and both Washington and United States' Constitutions in public schools

5.12 We support the displaying of the Declaration of Independence and both Washington and United States' Constitutions in government buildings

5.13 Rather then requiring parents to opt-out their children from classes dealing with sexual matters, parents should have the responsibility to opt-in their children for any classes that deal in sexual matters, if they desrire them to attend


Believing that 'Government is best which governs least', Republicans support policies which make government at all levels accountable and efficient. At the same time, we support restricting the size, scope and regulatory power over the lives of freedom-loving and law-abiding citizens.

6.1 We support the reduction of the size and scope of government at all levels, and the elimination of non-essential agencies, boards, commissions and personnel

6.2 We support independent performance and efficiency audits for all Washington State, county and city government operations and agencies, including the ferry and other transportation systems

6.3 We support adoption of '0-based' budgeting for state government and agencies

6.4 We support the Initiative process provided by Washington State law, and oppose attempts to limit, restrict or eliminate the voice of the people through the Initiative process

6.5 Island County government building and land use application fee structures should be limited to reflect no more than the actual cost of processing an application

6.6 We call on the Governor and all government officials to abide in strict accordance with the RCW (Revised Code of Washington) to balance our budget, and adhere to legislation that restricts spending

6.7 We support public access to government decision making and oppose closed legislative sessions

6.8 Republicans support the American citizen's right to vote, and will resist any branch of government that attempts to erode or trivialize this right. Republicans will pay special attention to the judiciary, which is the only branch of government not directly answerable to the people

6.9 Republicans support the rule of law. Laws are to be made by elected representatives, not by the judiciary. The balance of power among the three branches of government must be restored and sustained. We call on Congress to exercise their Constitutional duty as prescribed in Article III Section 1 and 2, to rein in runaway courts controlled by activist judges

6.10 We support proof of United States citizenship for voting eligibility, and the option of the Motor Voter registration be eliminated.

6.11 Whereas the Constitution of the United States empowers the President to nominate justices to Federal courts, and requires the Senate to vote on confirmation of judicial nominees requiring a 50% simple majority for approval, we believe the use of the filibuster, which requires a 60% vote to break, is an improper method of obstructing the constitutionally required vote. We call on the United States Senate to hold an up or down vote on all Federal judicial nominees, and change their Rules to prohibit the use of the filibuster for the blocking of a Constitutionally required vote

6.12 We call on Washington State to adopt a closed primary system

6.13 We support a Washington state constitutional change to allocate one state Senator per county in order to create a Senate with equal representation

6.14 Whereas the county and state platforms of the Republican Party, which are crafted at the grassroots level, and clearly identify the beliefs of the majority of Republicans in the county and state, and whereas Republican candidates are elected with the assumption that they are running for the good of the Party, be it resolved that any candidates running for office as a Republican shall be required to read and identify, upon request, by the county or state central committee those platform planks that they do not intend to uphold. Therefore we require the Republican Party of Washington to develop a "Contract with Washington"

6.15 We support the caucus system of government 'by the people' and believe it should be preserved


We believe a clean environment and a sound economy are compatible. Private citizens, ranchers, farmers and foresters are the best stewards of the land, and our environment. When government is to be involved, policies should be based on sound science, and not on political correctness, emotionalism, or the tenets of pseudo-scientific environmental movements.

7.1 We support amending the State Growth Management Act and the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) and other environmental statutes to protect the rights of property owners and allow local communities to control their own zoning and land use issues

7.2 We support the amending of the State Growth Management Act to eliminate all state Growth Hearing Boards which usurp control of land use from local governments and property owners

7.3 We support the protection of private property rights, and just compensation to property owners in the event of governmental or regulatory taking of any individual's property, or use of their property

7.4 We oppose the seizure and transfer of private property to another private party.

7.5 We support a strong and independent Energy policy, which includes drilling in Alaska fields, development of alternate fuels and nuclear energy, using high tech/low cost methods to make our nation self-sufficient


Republicans understand that the role of law enforcement is to protect. To that end, we will hold officers and judges accountable for their actions and decisions, while at the same time providing adequate funding, training, technology, and manpower to enable these public officials to do their jobs properly.

8.1 We support swift and appropriate sentencing for anyone found guilty of a crime. We support boot camps, victims' rights, and truth in sentencing

8.2 We support the death penalty, and the use of new methods of forensic science, when the use of these methods is a viable option in determining the guilt or innocence of an alleged person who is facing a death penalty

8.3 We support rigorous enforcement of state child pornography laws

8.4 We support an increased law enforcement emphasis on in-home crimes, or neighborhood crimes, such as: domestic violence, armed robbers, sex offenders and drug dealers in local communities

8.5 We support Tort Reform

8.6 We support adequate numbers of, and training of, officers for local police and sheriff's departments

8.7 We support improved Level III Sex Offender management

8.8 We support reforming voluntary commitment laws to allow for greater public safety from dangerous offenders

8.9 We support enforcement of gun control laws which target the criminal, but oppose government intrusion into the lives of private, law-abiding citizens through increased registration, regulation and restriction

8.10 We support prosecuting juveniles as adults when they are charged with a violent crime

8.11 The cost of prisons is too high. Rather than a revolving door policy, which releases offenders into the community when prisons are overloaded, we support practical measures that reduce the high cost of housing prisoners and eliminate early release of dangerous criminals by strengthening the death penalty, and minimizing custodial and recreational benefits to prisoners


The Republican Party has distinguished itself by upholding time-honored principles of free enterprise, defense of life, respect for the traditional family, judging on merits of individual performance and character rather than on status within a profiled group. It is important that Republicans maintain and strengthen these principles, while bringing the less fortunate into a brighter future, and showing compassion to those in need.

9.1 Whereas marriage is a cornerstone of civilization, and procreation the primary purpose of marriage, and whereas the two-parent family, consisting of one female mother and one male father offers the best situation for raising children, be it resolved that we believe marriage is meant to be, and can only be, the legal union between one man and one woman

9.2 We support the equal enforcement of civil rights laws, and oppose measures to create special "protected classes" of people based on sexual orientation, preferences, or lifestyle choices

9.3 We support the elimination of "Affirmative Action programs" which promote quota systems and discrimination, while supporting programs which allow for needs-based assistance that are race and gender blind

9.4 We strongly believe in equal opportunity for each individual citizen independent of race, creed, age or gender

9.5 We call for an end to costly adoption practices, which amount to selling of children. Lack of money should not deprive would-be parents of children, or children of potential parents.

9.6 We support the reining-in of the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) and related departments. We demand accountability and responsibility of those children in the care of the DSHS programs and agencies

9.7 We oppose the intrusion of DSHS, or other agencies into homes of citizens who opt for home-based or religious education choices as a means to force compulsory government education, when the children of those families are not at-risk. DSHS should not function as a 'strong arm' of the educational system, but as a protective agency for those children who have been or are being injured, or are in need of adult supervision. We support keeping DSHS within their boundaries.

9.8 We believe that government should not be large or overbearing, but provide basic support systems only. Therefore we encourage and support clubs, groups, civic organizations, churches, and faith-based ministries as they serve to meet additional social and humanitarians needs within local communities.

9.9 We oppose any civil union between anyone other than one man and one woman, and any legal rights for unwed couples.

9.10 We believe that issues concerning 'kinship' for hospital visitation, joint ownership of property or survivor benefits should be addressed outside the confines of marriage or civil unions.

Platform Committee:

Glen Julius - Chair Heidi Hepworth Nicole Prasch Christa Schrader Carol Graham

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