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Service to God

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Exodus 35:20-29

  1. Service begins with a heart that is stirred.  vs 21- 24
    1.  And they came - After Moses shared with them the commands of God the people left.  As their heart were moved they came.
    2. Whose spirit moved him - The people didn't come out of some compulsion, or out of some mandated order, but when their spirit moved them.
    3. Willing heart - The people only came when their heart was willing, not because in was demanded of them.
    4. Brought gold, bronze, blue, purple, scarlet, fine linen, goats hair, tanned rams skins, "dolphin" skins, silver, copper, acacia wood - They brought the best of what they had.
  2. Service begins with the use of ones talent.  vs 25 - 29 
    1. Women whose hearts were moved with abilty spun the yarn and goats hair - because their hearts were moved the women began the work of spinning the linen for the Tabernacle.
    2.  Chapter 36 goes on to talk about that every man whose heart was stirred, and who the Lord put the ability came to do the work - this is true of the men, as their heart was stirred they began to do the work.
    3. Service of the sanctuary - "avodah" hebrew word that means labor.
  3. Service begins with being filled by the Spirit.  vs 30 - 35
    1. Bezalel was filled with the Spirit of God to do the work.
    2. With ability
    3. with intelligence
    4. with knowledge
    5. with all craftsmenship
    6. To devise artisitic design - in cutting stone, carving wood, for work in every craft.
    7. And he inspired him to teach.


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