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Time to Act

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Time to Act

Joshua 2:10-11

Rahab the Harlot reveals some disturbing statistics about not only the Jews, but about us!

I.                   The Doctrinal Lesson.

  1. The inhabitants of the promised land were already prepared for defeat 40 + years prior.

  1. The victory over Jericho could have been realized 40 + years earlier.

Also realize that an entire generation died without seeing any victory in their lives.

                        It is important that we not miss this valuable lesson here.


                                    How many Christian’s will pass from this life having never gained the victory?


II.                The Practical Lesson.

Statistical facts:

Only 2 out of 12 spies had the guts to advance. The Biblical statistic then would be roughly 17%.


                        How does that play out in Church today?

    1. Average attendance in S.S. - 22
    2. Average attendance at prayer meeting. - 20
    3. Average attendance at men’s prayer meeting. - 3
    4. Average attendance for evangelism. - 3

Based on the above areas, ASBC has a 20% dedication record.

A bit better than the spies, yet low enough to show that the majority is not confident enough to seize the opportunity and victory before them.

  1. Where would we be today if we had secured those victories years ago, that we were too cowardice to seize?  
  2. Where will we find ourselves in the future if we be too cowardice to seize them now?

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