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The Truth About Suffering

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The Truth About Suffering

1 Peter 4:1-2

I.                   The misconception that physical suffering eradicates sin.

A.    An ascetic and self abusive lifestyle cannot take away sin, only Christ can do that.

Br. Ron Maggard was telling a story to the Haitian pastors about a celebration he witnessed while in Guatemala. People were marching while practicing self-flagellation. They were whipping themselves as an act of atonement. But, the greatest of these tragedies manifest itself in some poor soul who had actually allowed himself to be crucified, literally nailed to a cross.



B.     Suffering for our own wrong doings is not virtue.

II.                Suffering with the mindset of Christ, brings maturity, to the glory of God.

A.    The Christian who suffers for the cause and witness of Christ is no longer living for himself.

B.     The Christian who suffers for the brethren is living his life for Christ.

1. Facts to consider about today’s Christian:


a.   There is great indulgence in sinful activity.

b.      Many find the attempts to eradicate sin from their lives nearly impossible.

c.       Many have accepted sin as normal human behavior.

d.      Most excuse their sin and believe it to be covered under grace.

2. The clear Biblical answer to the problem.

a.       Get your eyes off of yourself, and on to Christ.

b.      Serve the Lord by serving others.

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