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The Principal of Charity

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The Principal of Charity

Luke 14:12-14

The main purpose for this saying of Jesus was to warn the Jews, of pandering to the elite religious crowd, of gaining the favor of man through self-serving motives and keeping the blessings for one’s self.

For the Christian, there is a principal of true charity that gains favor with God.

       I.      Charity cannot be self serving in motive or it is not charity.

A.    Some pretend to engage in Charity.

B.     Some convince themselves that they are doing Charity.

C.     But, if true Charity is to be done, there must be self-abnegation.

    II.      Charity & the practice of which leads to true spiritual freedom.

A.    Freedom to receive the blessings of God.

B.     Freedom to enjoy our relationships and endeavors and not see them as a chore.

1 Cor.13

James 1:27

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