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The Perilous Fall of Rebellion

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The Perilous Fall of Rebellion

Luke 15:13

I.                   Carrying out rebellion is easy when we separate ourselves from righteous influence.

A.    The physical neglect of fellowship and corporate worship, is always remiss of any reminder of holiness.

B.     The absence of these reminders only emboldens ones’ backsliding.

C.     Rebellion doesn’t have to be intentional to deliver it’s effect.

1.      While separation does it’s work of desensitizing, we become ill equipped to realize the spiritual destruction present.

2.      It’s important to note that only after the prodigal went through his rebellious ordeal did he realize what he had become.

Example: To properly understand this concept and the subtleness of the deception, let us examine the English words used in the text and the similarity between these two very opposite terms.

Righteous and Riotous.

II.                The absence of righteous influences gives way to unbridled lusts.

A.    The only defense against the assault of the soul is an ever present Godly influence.

B.     Understanding our own sinfulness and particular weaknesses will keep us vigilant from the subtle attack.

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