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Diligence Makes Rich

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Diligence Makes Rich

Proverbs 22:29

These scriptures are generally associated to the business world, and, usually exclusively. Yet, the principal of diligence is attributed to every area of life.



The Business of life must be approached with a diligent hand.

I.                   Diligence Makes one Rich, Where the Absence of it Leads to Poverty.

A.    The principal of “Whatever you put your hand to.”

B.     The principal of “Obtaining the prize.” (Phil. 3)

C.     The principal of “Not growing weary.”

II.                Diligence Makes Others Rich, Where the Absence of it, Brings About Their Poverty.

A.    The principal of “the golden rule.” (Matt.7)

B.     The principal of “preferring one another over ourselves.”

C.     The principal of “learning obedience.”

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