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Are We For Him

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Are We For Him

Joshua 5:13-14


Joshua, as great a leader and faithful man that he was, displays the same problem which the Christian does today, causing us to see that we need to change our perspective, if we are to live within the blessings of God’s covenant of Grace.

I.                   Joshua’s Error.

A.    He thought that God was on his side.

How we think so similarly!


The audacity!


That God would be on our side!

B.     He had more regard for his cause than for true worship.

How often do we also find ourselves with imbalanced priorities!


We are so ready to storm the gates of hell, but without the proper weapons of warfare. “For the weapons of our warfare” says Paul, “are not carnal, but mighty to the pulling down of strongholds.”


C.     He needed an attitude change.

II.                Our Error.

A.    The Christian problem is that we think we are something when we’re not.

B.     The Christian perspective must be one of humility and obedience.

C.     The Christian purpose is to be on God’s side.

Are we not more than ever on our own side? Scripture warns of this tendency. See (Lv. 26:25; Dt. 28:15–26)

D.    The Christian promotion will be in true worship.

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