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Genesis 40

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Genesis 40:1-23

I.              A Divine Appointment (1-8)

II.           The Good News and the Bad News (9-19)

III.        Prophecies Fulfilled, But Promises Forgotten (20-23)

IV.        Conclusions

A.      Dealing with depression and despair

1.      He knew God was with him in his suffering

a.       He had been walking with God – How else would he know he could interpret the dreams?

b.      Many today feel that if they are faithful they will be kept from suffering

2.      Assurance that God would deliver him from suffering in His own time and in His own way

a.       God had given him two dreams as well

b.      Not simply positive thinking

(a)    You must be in God’s will

(b)   Your will must be Biblical

c.       For Christians the keyword is endurance, not escape (James 1:2-4)

3.      He found in his situation opportunities to minister to others rather than to wallow in self-pity

a.       Joseph ministered to those in his care (v4)

b.      Two beneficial effects

(a)    Kept his eyes off his own problems and self-pity

(b)   His service to the cup-bearer was ultimately his way out and into the palace of Pharaoh

(c)    Paul found joy in persecution (Philippians 1)

B.      We can do anything through Christ  (Philippians 4:13)

C.      Contentment, not comfort, is the key to successful living

1.      Not life love and pursuit of happiness

D.      Our positive mental attitude should come from God’s power, not our own (2 Corinthians 4:7)

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