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Watching TV Related to Unhappiness

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Science Daily, Nov. 14, 2008, anon.,A new study of over 30,000 Americans has found that unhappy people watch significantly more television than happy people. Using the General Social Survey from 1975-2006, researchers examined the activity patterns for happy and unhappy individuals. Happy people were more likely to attend more religious services, interact more socially, and read more newspapers. Unhappy individuals watched twenty percent more television than happy individuals. Unhappy individuals were also more likely to have extra time on their hands. Researchers indicate that it is unknown whether being unhappy leads to more television viewing or whether television viewing contributes to unhappiness.

As much television in today’s society is contrary to God’s commandments and will for our lives, it is perhaps not surprising that it could have a negative effect on individuals. Focusing on God and what is pure and holy can bring us the joy and peace found only in God. -

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